Friday, 17 June 2011

Poor World...!!

There are various colors of life span,
in which there are various shades of man.

Consummate in using people,
Proficient in dumping them,
All he knows is,
how to use them well!
I ask sometimes from my soul,
Cant  he see beyond what is shown...

Once I helped, no one noticed,
Twice I helped, no one glanced,
But thrice I denied, everyone stared... !!!!

My eyes turn wet,
when I see world's goals set
Goals to preach treachery
Goals to betray,
Goals to destroy this world
with greed, pride and despair.

I want some ray
I want some gay
where I could stop this
from reaching a huge massacre!!!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

A Place So Mine...

Pune... the first thing that comes to my mind is… the city of fun.. city of youth.. city of freedom, city of dreams, city to live life, city to make life, city of romance, city of countless stories weaving in young hearts and young minds..! (that's Pune.. you've got more to explore..!!!)
Well, it is the least expected city that I cud ever think of in my entire life to reach. But m happy to be here… initial days in this city, in my new college were quite strange… yet so familiar, indolent yet so exciting, a place so unknowing yet so known... a place so different yet so mine, i just love everything about this city.
The weather that I experience here, the rains (just love ‘em)… fills me with sooo much of energy... so much of positivity... so much of freshness… this simply rejuvenates me with sooo much of zest for everything… and all such feelings cannot be just jotted down so easily in one go...! I always wanted to live alone for sometime in life... away from my family, the way I want to live and make my own world.. where there will be no if’s and buts.. only guts...!! hey cool.. m just too awesome… ;) ..!! well not as much as people think..!!
 My world would be filled with everything I wanted to do in my own strangest and weirdest possible ways…may be starting from cooking something for myself or simply washing stuffs, to riding out all alone in the night… from cleaning my desk to burning the mid night lamp on that same desk ;).. from taking care of myself to taking care of my near and dear ones, from experiencing the most adventurous day to witnessing the most difficult days of my life (may be, in hectic to the power of infinity, tiring till the extent of the depth of the sea and of course lonely till the extent of dying man missing his family with nobody around…all in the dark… oohhh.. it’s scary.. but that is ME..! :D ), but it’s always fun..!
I know there are problems… but obviously with their solutions too... I know I will be falling  many times, but then it’s time to stand again and build myself… and I am ready for it..! with the only hope in my heart as to win, win this world, win my parents..! And the best part is each time I fall, I don’t get disappointed and stay positive,… only to realize that I’ve fallen again.. lol.. Kidding...! Sometimes, I don’t understand why life is such a roller coaster... uuummm…. oooo yesss… so that I can wonder about it and write here..!
Pune has got a life… life for others to live and do wonders in the world, create indelible marks in one’s minds about one’s experiences, experience thousands of feelings and emotions in one single moment, distressed at one and being on the top of the world in the next… the zeal to fly above the sky, and the modesty to stay beneath the sea..! these moments are simply countless..!
Ok.., Enough of Pune as of now... will continue in upcoming posts..
P.S- Its been really long m writing about this city… and therefore I should stop to save myself…  :P! well, writing about it is simply irresistible, unending rather… so have loads to bring on.
Happy Reading.. :)

Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Hidden Me...

Naughty, yet so mature
Loquacious, yet so quite
Understanding, yet so misunderstood
This is the story of an altruist!!

World is full of egoists,
No time left for philanthropists
No time for love, no time to care,
This is what I see everywhere!

Clan says to be selfish
but conscience asks to be selfless!
A little bemused on hewr way,
wondering where will the wind sway!
A ray of sun, shines on her
Saying the worries will disappear!
Just be yourself, and the world will be yours
Miracle will happen, vanishing all the fears...!!!!

Happy Reading.. :)

Thursday, 2 June 2011

And the Story Begins...

Hello readers.. after pondering for months and months I am finally starting with my own blog. Blog, which will be filled with my dreams, my fantasies, my heaven, the little angels God has given me in life, the extra-ordinary teachers I am blessed with, my experiences, good and bad, my learning’s in life, my principles, my values, etc etc etc., with pinch of naughtiness and humor, so that you people don’t get bored..!! (Uuumm, actually couldn’t think of anything better than me to start with..  :P)
The thought of writing a blog was always there in my mind, but was waiting for the right mood, and now I am writing (Well.., better late than never..!).

The blog is complemented with a person whose bemused on her way in search of identity, Identity of her own and not her ancestors.. wondering where will the way take her??? will she be able to fulfill her dreams within the stipulated time given to her..??? time when most of the angels in her life are not yet out of the their shell, their cocoon, when there is hardly anyone around her, who takes life so seriously the way she does, where one starts thinking about something really important in life, she is on the verge of ending everything because of some of the roadblocks in her life..! 
Enough of intro, the later stories can be discovered in further posts..!
All the suggestions and comments of my readers are most welcome.. or rather it will be a pleasure.!! 

Happy reading.. :)

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