Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Hidden Me...

Naughty, yet so mature
Loquacious, yet so quite
Understanding, yet so misunderstood
This is the story of an altruist!!

World is full of egoists,
No time left for philanthropists
No time for love, no time to care,
This is what I see everywhere!

Clan says to be selfish
but conscience asks to be selfless!
A little bemused on hewr way,
wondering where will the wind sway!
A ray of sun, shines on her
Saying the worries will disappear!
Just be yourself, and the world will be yours
Miracle will happen, vanishing all the fears...!!!!

Happy Reading.. :)

13 Discussion

  1. Awesome Geetika.. Keep Writing & sharing such beautiful views
    -Juhi :)

  2. hey thnxxx a lot ma'am..
    i wish i meet ur expectations.. :)
    Happy Reading..

  3. it is jus amazing geet...luved it...:):)

  4. @Kriti..
    thnxx darling..!! :)
    Happy Reading..

  5. nice blog Geetu... keep it up..:)
    - Deepti

  6. @Deepti..
    hey thnxx dear.. :)
    Happy Reading..

  7. @Beyond..
    Hey thanxx a lot.. :)
    it wud hv been gr8 if u had mentioned ur name as well..!! :)
    Happy Reading..

  8. And here is the girl so chirpy and bubbly turning into a mature lady.No doubt you have written beautifully...I always knew you cud write sense...and here you are!
    All the very best for your coming posts..Keep blogging!

  9. @Mansi..
    thnxx a lot sweetheart.. :)
    its all ur confidence and faith in me.. making me do dis..
    thnxx a ton..
    Happy Reading..

  10. Amazing....
    Mind Boggling...
    Miracle will happen, vanishing all fears :)
    Truly awesome

  11. very very true...seems u've discovered urslf pretty well....good going...thats d biggest step to success :)

  12. @Colors..
    Thanks gal..
    the search is still on..!!

    Happy Reading..


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