Saturday, 28 April 2012

And the Reason is YOU..!

Life is completely different these days.. I’ve never been so jobless the way I am today, yet I'm so busy doing nothing! Sitting idle pisses me off.. but these days.. these days I love to sit idle.. I while away my time doing nothing.. I don’t bother about anything..  no big time worries in my small head (It is actually a BIG DEAL!!!).. time just slips away doing nothing…  technically, this is the most unproductive season of my life going on, yet I'm lovin’ it… I' m enjoying this phase.. whiling my time, with new dreams, new fantasies, new thoughts.. thoughts to create new memories.. memories with Him.. I just cant believe its me.. so much transformed.. I’ve never been like this before.. and I love myself for what I’ve become. All thanks to Him for bringing such a huge change in me..!!

Seems familiar at times, yet so different at another moment… feels like this has happened before, yet gives the realization of its fresh air… turning me up/on, when I'm down/off :P… all these things are very normal for everyone around.. I guess everyone feels this way when love strucks, yet this gives me the fresh feelings and the happiness when I think about the same… it may be very common for the world, but its just not common for me.. everyone should feel this beautiful feeling once in lifetime.. to know what really happiness is all about…!!

It often scares me at times when I think about the new relations I’ll be handling.. will I be able to live up to the expectations everyone is having with me, will I be able to preserve everyone’s faith in me..  will I be able to succeed in the sudden change that life has given me..

I don't know what to term it.. I enjoy being with him.. I love to talk to him.. I know I’ve fallen for him.. I'm just afraid of losing him.. letting him go away from me..
He likes me very much.. I'm a masque according to him.. and I completely love it when he calls me so..

I really thank god for bringing him in my life.. the reason for my less freaking out was Him only.. as in the way he is.. so much like me… we think alike.. our choices are almost same, the thought process we have.. our perspective about things, relations, friends, society, problems etc etc.. just everything.. everything is simply the same.. this makes us more understanding for each other.. Touchwood..!!! :D

I have faith.. faith in me and him.. if anything wrong happens.. we will always try to figure that out first.. and solve in the way it should be solved and not just letting it go like that only..
All I hope is whatever we talk.. or discuss.. all of it should be eternal and not just for the sake of talking or discussing.. and deep down my heart he too thinks the same..

The best part about him is that he’s totally me.. fully me.. no change at all..!!!

People say opposite attracts..  I believe we are the beautiful exception God has created.. the more we are alike, the more we come close..! I guess this is all the magic of love..

 Take care.. 

Happy Reading.. 

Monday, 26 March 2012

Our world...

Just a small expression of love to my parents from their children.. :)

Its a blessing or a gift from above
we still wonder how to define this love,

It never expects
it never suspects,
It has no boundaries
But always filled with treasuries,

There are times in life
when we curse our own divine
But then when we look up to you
everything blue,turns to hue!

You're our Inspiration, you're our Motivation
You're the reason to bring in us perspiration !!

We don't need WEALTH
All we need is your HEALTH...

Your Love, Your Care
Is the answer to all our PRAYERS.. !!!

Monday, 2 January 2012

In Quest for Mankind

What kind of world is it that we dwell in,
Where everyone is running after making its fake image!
Image displaying goodness,
Image displaying care,
Image to show philanthropy,
So as to escalate in this world’s list of treachery!

Filled with love,
Filled with gratitude,
Filled with empathy
Only to discover the fake fa├žade of benevolency!

It’s a pity,
It’s a shame,
It’s all pointless, when your closest ones are of this same!

I’ve heard Time heals all wounds,
I’ve heard Patience avoids problems,
I’ve heard Silence calm downs the fury of situations
Then why do frustrations in people exploit this Trio formation!!

Sometimes m filled with so ecstasy,
So much of exaltation and joyous notion
Trying to forget all the pains I went through
Forgiving the biggest mistakes made by few,
Which have left a huge scar in my heart
Not left in a condition to revive that spark!                                                    

But, when conscience start clamoring
Yelling for peace and neglecting the agony
Trying to serene the commotion in soul
Making an effort to succeed its goal.

 And then, after pondering for umpteen times,
A point comes
When no question is left unanswered
When worries don’t entangle anymore 
When everything seems stable
And again, Hopes, Expectations and Desire take a rebirth in midway skeleton!!

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