Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Today's Moms..!!

Mothers of today’s generation are very active in every sphere of life, be it looking after her family, her child’s well being, carrying out the daily chores with full proficiency along with working into big multinationals. The mothers of our country are everywhere and are hell making us proud. In this run race, one thing that many parents forget is the pressure that they are sub consciously putting on their child. We all agree to the fact that world today is full with the cut throat competition without any doubts in our little heads.. and parents too are aware of this fact, but they themselves become so handicapped when they see other children around getting so smart day by day, thus thrusting all expectations on their child.

Now, the irony in today’s scenario in our country is, there are mothers who are not well versed with the English speaking and so do not converse with their children in the same, whereby, leading the child to learn the mother’s language. Now, what happens in public is, these children, all of a sudden are given orders and instructions in English (for obeying their parents or may be, at times, get chided too in public. For example, Rohan come here at once..!!, Eva.. behave yourself..!!, Sakshi, I will give u a tight slap if you do this again, Eesha listen to me in one go, etc etc etc ). Now how on earth is the child expected to understand this language is the first thing, and secondly, this sudden transformation in the attitude as soon they step outside their homes actually confuses them as to how to react to their parents!! It’s hilarious if you observe these things around you and have a look at the child who becomes so bewildered at the sudden change in its parent’s language and attitude..!!! 

Happy Reading and Happy Observing.. ;) :P

2 Discussion

  1. A wonderful observation.....
    It will serve as a great insight for the modern parents and might lead them to reflect upon their parenting style....

    Kudos to you !!!!

  2. Yeah.. i hope it does..
    its actually very funny to encounter such a transformation in behavior..


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