Thursday, 13 March 2014

Dearest Daddy-in-Law

Daddy, you're the head and the pillar of the house
But when it comes to the needs of your spouse, 
There's always a driving energy, that gets all aroused!                                          

I've always heard of the word 'selfless'
I've always heard of innocence
I keep hearing about people taking and giving away
But you're the perfect example God has given, showering his blessings each day!
Your simplicity, your honesty
The way you carry out your responsibitly
Leaves me in hell lot of perplexity!

Every one in the world may forget everything in their worries and doubts
But you have that magic to be genuinely concerned about everyone's whereabouts

I dunno how to express my love for you,
But my actions will always be there for your rescue

You are special and will always be
May Almighty give you all the success, health, happiness indeed!

Monday, 10 March 2014


When I got married, 
It was a little scary to enter the house
But your love and warmth 
Had put all my worries to a little doubt.

Whenever I used to think of a mother-in-law
I used to get goosebumps now & then
But having you in my life
Made me believe, of a super-power with me from above!

You give me courage,

You give me strength
You've become my role model

For the years coming in my life span!
Your patience, your willpower
Your emphatic nature and your burning desire
Holds not only Daddy
But all of us in the bond of love together.

You're hard like a rock 

And soft like a wax 
Your motherhood for me
Makes me come to you even more close.

You treating me like your own daughter
Makes me say aloud,
The goodness of an in-laws house!
The jovial and funny nature that you have 
Always take away the worries from my heart!

Words will always be short for me to
Express my feelings for you
But there’s one thing I can promise,

I will always be there in all the shades of hue!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Now I know..

It was 11.30 in the night.. I was lying in bed.. Like a dead fish.. Hitched in bad cold.. With water flowing from my eyes.. Nose running.. finding difficult to breathe..  Simply lying under the blanket.. calm.. quite.. Without a single murmur.. no talking.. no moving.. no turning back and front.. like a sloppy head who was trying real bad to sleep but couldn't!! 

There was so much of noise in the room.. obviously because He was watching T.V.. :P
I was trying all the stupid small gestures to get his attention.. to make him see in what state I was right then.. I was really getting handful.. I wanted Him to hug me.. I wanted him to sit near me.. roll his fingers on my head.. give a peck on my forehead.. I wanted him to treat me like a baby.. I wanted him to pamper me.. I wanted him to hold my hand.. I wanted him to say, "Everything will be alright dear.. I am here with you.." 

Nothing of it happened!

There's always this thing with me.. Whenever I get a lil ill.. I don't feel like going to the doc.. all by Myself! I Always want someone to take me. Since childhood, my dad has always held my hand and had taken me to the doctor and I am kinda use to it. Even now when I'm home and if for any damn reason if there's a need of the doctor I sill go with my dad. Maybe I haven't yet grown up on this.. I still feel like a little baby whose fallen ill and need someone who should take care of me!

It was 12.30 and I had not slept.. I was trying real hard but couldn't.. I didn't wanna take the medicines coz it was just cold ( though a little severe than the usual ones.. Uurrgghhh.. I hate it!!!) and I realised even He wasn't asleep! He too was awake.. Asking me to do a few  of the breathing exercise so that I can get some relief.  Nothing helped. My stage was even more pathetic!

He- " Put some Vicks.. You will feel better"

"I can't get up.. My legs will get cold again if I move out from this cozy blanket.. It's ok.. M fine"

He too was inside the cozy blanket.

He- "Ok tell me, where is it.. I'll get it for you"

"It's in the first aid kit"

He- "I can't find it"

"It's ok.. Leave it then"

I dunno what on earth made me think he'll able to find it..

Both of us in the blanket now. A few minutes later..

He- " do you have a handkerchief with you?"


He gets up.. Opens the cupboard and manages to find it somehow. So sweet of him.. :)

It's 3 am in the morning.. And m still struggling with my sleep.

He- "Get up.. Wash your face.. clear your nose.. take deep breathes and you will feel better" 

"Yessss Sirrr" Oh my God.. He's still awake..!!

Me now feeling much better..

Gets back. Half an hour later I could hear him snore real bad. Me all this while turning my back again and again.. getting up and lying back.. Breathing hard and loud.. Nothing is helping..  wish I could have a sound sleep like him. Help me God... Pleasseeee!!!

It's 5 am now.. I again get up.. Wash my face and try to find the balm.. Annnddd I found.. :D

Me applying balm..

He-"You got the balm? How are you now?

"Not good" He's awake again!

But after applying the balm finally I had some sleep.. Felt like heaven.

It was morning.. I didn't wanna leave my bed. He said no need to get up.. Take some rest and sleep for sometime and you'll be fine.. Even he didn't sleep properly the entire night.

I got up.

Everyone in the house was awake.. Everyone could make out by seeing my face how sick and exhausted I was.. And He asked me like a 100 times if I'm ok or not?!

I took medicines and felt better.

It was really a long night. I got really handy.. I didn't sleep.. Nor did He..!! 

Sometimes, we do ignore what we have and crave for what we don't have.. I don't wanna do this anymore. The way he took care of me last night and handled my tantrums makes me feel, he may not say words to soothe my ears but he'll stay with me to soothe my eyes.. He may not bring me flowers or he may not write poems but he'll always be there to cure my wounds.. He will be there and be my support system and encourage me to move forward. He may not say, " I'll be there with you", but I know he will always be. He may not get excited the way I get or he may not show his love by bringing presents or saying words of praises, but he will be there to take care of me when no one else would be! 

Now I know.. 
Now I see
Please God, help the ones
What you have shown to Me..!

Happy Reading.


Sunday, 2 March 2014

Is the Western culture really that attractive?

I strongly believe in the western culture. Whenever there use to be any debate or argument, I always sided with the lifestyle in the west. My friends use to get so furious on this.. But.. whatever.. :P
When it comes to the living standards, obviously you feel its way more comfortable and convenient according to ones wishes and desires. You don't have to answer anyone about anything... you don't have to live the way others expect you to live.. you don't need to wear a plastic smile and greet someone whom you don't like.. you don't have to pretend things.. you just have to be simple, straight and be yourself irrespective of getting liked or disliked in anyone's list!
This is just one aspect. Examples are plenty. When it comes to equality of men and women or giving the equal stature, these people never hesitate.. coz this is how they're born.. this is what they have seen since their childhood.. If a woman is the breadwinner of the house, then its not a matter of shame for husband.. he equally shares the house responsibilities with his spouse and if man is the breadwinner, then obviously his wife will take care of his house.. but this doesn't mean that his wife is less in anything.. he will treat her with equal respect even is shes not earning.. shes doing hell lot of things by taking care of his house. And managing a house is a task! And then only they both are able to make a home together and run everything smoothly.

But when it comes to relationships.. all of us know how fragile they are there.. nothing is predictable.. anything can happen with anyone.. in a single moment of agony people become so weak that they simply forget who they are and with whom they are.. 'Sorry' is just another word I feel! (Imagine a situation where a guy or a gal has dated 4 people in 6 months for example. To every partner, when in love, they say, "I love you.. always have, always will..".) And when they come back to the first person, they say the same..!!! I mean come on.. are you freaking kidding me??!!  If it was this serious then what was with the other people??!! or even if it wasn't, then what was the need to say the same dialogue to the other three??!!

I think its really hard to find your true mate there.

In India, a girl thinks like a 100 times before falling for anyone.. Girls always try to maintain this firewall around them.. reason being conservative society, strict parents, not wanting anyone to know about it coz its still not very open the way it is outside the country.. and so falling in love happens once or twice or may be a few times more but not like firangs.. where its like.. what they say.. ek k baad ek.. fir do.. fir teen.. chaar.. panch.. das.. bees.. and the numbers continue!

And I feel breakups are bad.. they tarnish a person.. they make the person completely negative.. they break you down.. you start to have trust issues.. the thought of love totally gets erased from one's mind.. loneliness takes birth.. happiness vanishes.. it gets hard to see the silver lining.. there are people who get violent too.. turn into a criminal may be.. and that's bad! Real bad!
And it takes a long time to come out of this mess..!

I may be wrong.. my point may differ from a hell lot of people.. but then.. I'm free to have my own set of opinion and perspective!
This way we are still better.. we save ourselves from endless relationships.. and thus get saved from endless breakups.. :P

There are other factors too that play WWE in my mind, but will jot them down sometime later.. :P

Will be glad to know your views as well.. :)

Happy Reading

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