Thursday, 13 March 2014

Dearest Daddy-in-Law

Daddy, you're the head and the pillar of the house
But when it comes to the needs of your spouse, 
There's always a driving energy, that gets all aroused!                                          

I've always heard of the word 'selfless'
I've always heard of innocence
I keep hearing about people taking and giving away
But you're the perfect example God has given, showering his blessings each day!
Your simplicity, your honesty
The way you carry out your responsibitly
Leaves me in hell lot of perplexity!

Every one in the world may forget everything in their worries and doubts
But you have that magic to be genuinely concerned about everyone's whereabouts

I dunno how to express my love for you,
But my actions will always be there for your rescue

You are special and will always be
May Almighty give you all the success, health, happiness indeed!

2 Discussion

  1. This is super sweet. I'm gonna get my dad in law to read this :)

  2. Thank you so much Somya.. that's really sweet of you..



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