Thursday, 24 April 2014

Shades of Friendship

Susan and Anusha were best friends since kindergarten. Both of them were crazy for each other. Entire class or rather entire school boasted about their friendship. It was few of the most popular friendships in their era. Both of them were from completely opposite background. Susan belonged to a simple middle class family with conservative parents and family members. She wasn't beautiful. She use to find herself ugly. The only thing she had, or the most prized possession that she had was her friend Anusha! She loved her (no she wasn't gay!), she valued her, she cared deeply for her, she shared everything with her. Her tiffin box, her water bottle, her stationery, her secrets, her feelings.. just everything. Susan's entire life revolved around Anusha and so was Anusha's.
While Anusha, on the other hand, belonged to a real sophisticated family. She was wealthy. She had everything. Ample no. of friends, nice relatives, fans in school, etc. She was one beauty in school since childhood. Even she was very close to Susan. She cared, she loved, she valued.

Though, their friendship didn't last long. They had some serious issues and it was good for both of them to end it mutually. Susan was traumatized!

Susan being a little more emotional suffered the most.. she felt completely lonely. She spent countless nights weeping for whatever happened. It was difficult for her to get through this. There were so many issues she was fighting with. Alone. Her low self esteem, her dark complexion cause of which girls never found her good, her stupidity of forgiving people over and over again, her short hair (which she wanted to grow and thus, use to put oil in her hair!),her flat body. Girls in school always made fun of her. They never encouraged her.. in any damn thing! It was this kinda friendship that she shared then.

She wanted die. she wanted to commit suicide. She felt she can never do anything with her life. Her confidence level had gone to zero. She stopped being happy. It was like a morose in her life. There was not a single negative thought that got spared when it came to herself. Her classmates assumed shes a lesbian and this made her life worse in school. She had other friends too, but all of them were her so-called friends. She was a very sincere teenager. She wanted to study well and make her parents happy. That was the only purpose of her life. But her group including Anusha, was into boys, wasting time in useless gossips and making boyfriends coz that would be cool to have one! When being so negative about her looks, she always felt no boy would ever ask her out or every wanted to be friends with her (Thank to her best friend Anusha!). But Susan wasn't like this. For her, love was important and she felt it will come with time. Now is not the right age. She was too young to understand this paradox.

She worked really hard for her terms, but this incident took a toll on her. She fucked up her board exams!

Then, time started changing. She made new friends. Who were her REAL friends. She had a few wonderful teachers in her life who helped shape her career and also, become a positive person. Friendship became the most important relationship in her life. There was nothing in the world that was more important to her than friendship. No, not even the relationship that she had with her parents! Coz of this (friendship thing), she started to believe in herself. For the first time in her life she felt like confident person. Of cors lot of efforts and pushing had been done in her life by her mentors and friends. Susan never felt any of this before. She kind of blossomed. It was all sunshine that she chose. She did well in her boards. Now this is the rapport that she shares! :)

She went to college. Made the bestest friends of the world there. And got like hundreds of proposals year on year!! Falling in love was always a big time no-no for her! Yet she did. It was true love. It was the most beautiful thing that had ever happened with Susan. This relationship brought out the best in her. And sadly, it broke up! :(

But Susan was now a confident woman. She stayed alone, had a job, was independent and there was no room for love in her life now. She was happy. She was contended with whatever life offered to her. She was a fearless female.

She reached top heights in her career. And one fine day, she accidentally met Anusha. She was perplexed. She didn't had words to say. She was just astonished looking at her. It reminded her of all the school time memories that she had buried deep down her heart. Anusha cried and said sorry like a zillion times but it was hard for Susan to forgive her. She was numb. She changed.. for better.

Currently, Susan is settled abroad doing significantly well with her work and life and yes, is still single!

I think whatever happens, happens for a reason and for betterment of everyone. We may not see now but later, we shall !

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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Karma.. is a Bitch!

Meera and Sushant got engaged. It was going to be an arrange marriage. Both of them and their family members were really excited for them. Everyone was waiting for the big day.
They got married. It was a joint family. Along with parents, Sushant had a younger sister and two younger brothers. And then there were his uncles and aunts and their kids, and of course, head of the family, his grand ma whom all of them called Ammaji.

Everyone in the house was happy and zealous to welcome the new member of the family. Meera was now Meera bhabhi most of the times. She was super occupied with everyone that it never striked her when did her day start and when did it end!
Sushant was happy too. All the family members loved Meera. She was perfect. For everyone.
One thing very weird was happening in the house. All the members of the family were good people. Yet Meera was wondering why is this happening. Everytime she passed from grand ma's room, she felt something is going on. Ammaji always kept her eyes on Meera wanting to sit and talk to her. Meera could see so much of pain in Ammaji's eyes, there was a cry for help, there was hunger for love, there was a thirst for belongingness, she was lonely like hell.. She wanted sympathy from everyone,she wanted to cry, she wanted mercy, she wanted a company for herself.
Meera couldn't get Ammaji out of her mind. She discussed about it with Sushant, but it didn't help. She had umpteen sleepless nights thinking why in the family no one comes close to Ammaji? Why doesn't anyone bothers about her? Why none of her grandchildren come to her to hear all the bed time stories? The only conversation made to her was about food she wanted to eat for lunch and dinner or are her medicines finished or if she needs a doc!


She seemed so innocent and helpless to Meera.
She heard stories of Ammaji from almost everyone in the family. All of them said the same thing. It seemed Ammaji use to be one Hitler of her times. Her instances of biasness were plenty. It was not just about boy and girl or daughter and daughter - in-law or son and daughter, it was among sons too!
She cared for the one who treated her like a piece of shit and cared least for the one who was always there for her literally 24*7! This was just one instance. She never encouraged the females in the house. She always considered them equivalent to the maids except for the fact that the maids did not entertained her sons in bed, other than that there was not even a single difference between her house staff and the DILs. She never empathized with them. She too had a daughter, the eldest amongst her kids, yet she cursed her DILs for giving birth to a girl child! She did not give food to them (even when they were pregnant!), whom she expected to be in the kitchen at 4 in the morning and cook for a family of 50! No one had the courage to argue or question Ammaji.. not even her husband! She was the perfect example of cruelty. She never allowed her sons to get bonded with her DILs. She abused them, treated them worse than animals, made them cry till their eyes were swollen and a million such stuff.

Time is above everything. Time heals all the wounds. It was her era then but now, not anymore. 

Due to her old age and death of her husband, she felt lonely in the house. Her terror wasn't terrifying anymore. She was a helpless female.

She didn't even leave Meera for that matter. No, she wasn't that cruel to her. Meera use to feel really bad for her and so out of pity she use to sit with her for sometime. This happened for a few days. Meera always talked about Babaji.. how he was.. what all places did he take Ammaji to.. what were his hobbies.. what kind of a father, husband, grandfather he was. Meera knew Ammaji loved to talk about him. She felt contented. Days passed. Meera heard stories about herself. No other member of the family but Ammaji talked all non sense about her. She observed, Ammaji used to get really rude to her at times and castigated her without any reason. Meera was herself observing the behavior of the old lady and suddenly, all the stories that she heard started making sense to her. She was getting the answers to all the questions of why the old granny was aloof in the house. Ammaji was always partial towards the one who did not took care of her and was scared of them too. While the ones who spent sleepless nights to give her medicines or to take care of her declining health were the ones whom she'd taken for granted! And the pity that Meera had for Ammaji vanishes instantly.

The story doesn't ends here. The examples are plenty but it doesn't makes sense to garner all of them and make my readers feel terrible. :)

When I hear such stories, I feel whats the point of you living these many years with your loved ones when not even a single person in such a big family wants to spend a single minute with you. What have you done in your entire life? Forget about money, you've not even earned a single person for yourself, who will always be there for you from inside.. forget about me commenting on respect?! And in spite of all this, shes so adamant towards change.  

May be Ammaji was suffering through loneliness coz of all the bad deeds she did in her youth. May be this was the lesson God was teaching her or may be this was how God was punishing her. Indeed, Karma is a bitch! The above story is its perfect example. As you sow, so you shall reap!

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Oh Dear God!

When God was creating universe, he made all the possible beautiful things in the world including man.. And made no mistake by including all the sleazy heads around!

Sometimes I wonder don't these people have brains at all? Hasn't someone taught them how to be mature or how to be wise or above all how to be well behaved..
There are people who already have so much of negative energy in them and then to do the icing on the cake, this is what they love to spread.. I really wonder what kind of heart they are being born with?! 
You guys feel you can talk shit about others for the rest of your life and everyone's gonna stand that..? Well hello.. Here's a reality check.. People are not stupid anymore.. they understand and see things in a way better perspective than you do! Phewww.. Thank God.. He created wiser personalities too, otherwise Survival would have been so full of difficulties.. and it would have been one hell life !       

I feel girls.. the dumb ones m referring to.. who haven't seen the world.. and see things and make decisions solely what their parents or elders tell them to do ! U know.. girls of our generation who come in aurat err aunty category.. m talking about those ones.. highly immature, zero brains, zero understanding, zero mental level, simply irrational,  and most important...knowing the fact that they belong to this category AND they are happy with themselves.. not willing to change at all!.. I fear, the future generations, if they'll be raised by these set of nerds on earth !

I dun wanna set anyone right.. neither do I have anything against anyone.. I am just making a very sincere request or pray to God.. Help them please..


Happy Reading

Cheers :)
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