Thursday, 3 April 2014

Oh Dear God!

When God was creating universe, he made all the possible beautiful things in the world including man.. And made no mistake by including all the sleazy heads around!

Sometimes I wonder don't these people have brains at all? Hasn't someone taught them how to be mature or how to be wise or above all how to be well behaved..
There are people who already have so much of negative energy in them and then to do the icing on the cake, this is what they love to spread.. I really wonder what kind of heart they are being born with?! 
You guys feel you can talk shit about others for the rest of your life and everyone's gonna stand that..? Well hello.. Here's a reality check.. People are not stupid anymore.. they understand and see things in a way better perspective than you do! Phewww.. Thank God.. He created wiser personalities too, otherwise Survival would have been so full of difficulties.. and it would have been one hell life !       

I feel girls.. the dumb ones m referring to.. who haven't seen the world.. and see things and make decisions solely what their parents or elders tell them to do ! U know.. girls of our generation who come in aurat err aunty category.. m talking about those ones.. highly immature, zero brains, zero understanding, zero mental level, simply irrational,  and most important...knowing the fact that they belong to this category AND they are happy with themselves.. not willing to change at all!.. I fear, the future generations, if they'll be raised by these set of nerds on earth !

I dun wanna set anyone right.. neither do I have anything against anyone.. I am just making a very sincere request or pray to God.. Help them please..


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