Monday, 21 July 2014

Finally.. GYM it is..!

Joining a gym or doing an exercise was a complete NO-NO for me.. big time! The only time I had exercise in my life was in school.. Yess.. during the P.T period and Aerobics for the Sports Day :P . And I hated it (the exercise part.. obviously!!)

I know, it’s always good to work out.. it keeps you fit.. keeps your mind fresh and body healthy.. positivity.. etc etc. But thinking of going to the gym one day.. that was a distant dream for me. I always said to myself, gym I will join once I deliver a baby.. not before that.. abhi I don’t need.. m good.. and fit.. and that’s not what I think.. that’s what everyone says around.. about me :P!! 

Few of my very dear friends use to gym regularly.. No folks.. that didn’t motivate me.. they were really serious to lose weight.. few of them hardly had any.. while a few were ok kinds. Then a very close friend of mine started gyming.. she is literally lean.. underweight kinds (yeah.. that’s true).. she has a typical model figure.. no fat at all in the body.. and imagine.. she eats like a pig..!!! There was a time when she use to eat 5 days straight bahar ka khana..and still all maintained..! All I can say is, these people are really blessed..! Otherwise, if i think to eat that much bahar ka khana..God knows where will my body go!

Coming back to the point, so when she started gyming and gave me this news, like typical stereotypes, my reaction was the same.. why do u need gym..? You wanna vanish or something? You’re already so lean.. where will you go now after workout?! Obviously, I know the answers.. to stay fit.. to have mental peace.. to stay stress free.. and stuff like that. It intrigued me though, but I wasn’t fully convinced then for myself.

My husband had got enrolled himself at various gyms like a zillion times (before we met) and everytime he made the payment, he was sure he would be regular. But, God knows how regular he’d been this entire time. His routine was to go for the first 3 days in the entire 6 month plan and then chuck gym.. then join some other gym.. make promises to yourself of being regular and then we all know what would have happened. That’s why my MIL , was totally against the idea of gym..  especially if it’s about him joining. She’s like.. I know him.. better.. he won’t go.. its all waste of money..etc etc. Obviously, she was right.

It had been quite a few days, of he wanting to join the gym, but he was too lazy to get himself enrolled. It was this point that I decided I’ll go to gym wnd take him along with me and exercise and see and feel what it is like to do all that.. why are people so crazy about it.. and what is this special mental peace and positivity that people get after working out!!

Both of us started going to the gym. Early morning 6 am..! yes..  that’s true.. it feels like victory.. going so early.. being the first person to get up in the house.. being the first one to park your car and knowing you’re the first person to enter this exercise chamber! Having all the equipments by yourself and having the freedom of choosing whichever you want to do (it gets super crowded after like half an hour.. that’s why theres this happiness attached to choose the machine :D :P).  And obviously, it was a shock for all of his friends knowing that he is going to the GYM first of all.. then..REGULARLY..!! that too at 6 AM in the MORNING!!! That was kinda big deal for him.. m glad he made it.

My first day at gym was.. uumm.. how should I put it.. nervous I guess. Yes.. that’s true.. I did not know any of the stuff or info about gym.. its machines.. exercises.. timing.. breaks.. duration.. nothing at all. I was a complete na├»ve to it. As my exercise card was not ready, so I did cardio on the first day.

Trainer -  Do treadmill for 15 min.. cross trainer for 15 min.. stepper for 15 min and cycling for 10min.

Me – what on earth is he talking about? And what are these machines? Yeah..  treadmill sounds familiar. Can you please tell me how to start?

Trainer- Yeah sure. Stand on it. Lay your upper body a little forward and put your hands on the handle. Don’t go back and maintain the grip and be firm.

Me- Cool!

Doing treadmill and all the rest of the workout was good fun. It felt different. It was like, oh my God..!! M finally exercising.. I did it for like almost an hour.. awesome man..!!

It was funny initially to ask about how to use the machines initially.. but what else could I have done.. I had no clue about any of them.  The strength session was funny. First thing, I didn’t know anything about that as well.. so I made it very clear to the trainer that its my first time at the gym and I have no idea about any of the stuff that people do here, so you have to gimme a demo at every machine.. :P.. LOL.. Second, I lifted the lightest of all the weights and got to hear this from the trainer, “Mummy  kuch khaane ko ni deti kya..?! Dhooodh ni peeti ho kya?! Bachpan mein kuch khilaya pilaya ni kya gharwalon ne?! and stuff like that..! God..!! it was hilarious.. but I wasn’t embarrassed.. I was like.. fine.. m not able to lift it now, coz m new to all of it.. but I will.. real soon..!

And how can forget to tell you, how obsessed I got with my weight initially. I use to weigh myself every single day. After starting all the workout, I started gaining weight.. made me wonder.. what non sense..!!! when I was eating all kachra, then my weight was stable.. and now when m eating all healthy.. working out as well and I am putting on.. what is wrong with this equation..?!

But thankfully, its stable again. I guess, it was the first time something like this was happening with my body, that’s why it was going a lil weird.

It always brings a smile on my face when I think of the initial days I spent at the gym. Its good though to work out. And yessss.. it does make you feel positive and less stressed out.. and you get to see all the categories of people.. few reducing weight.. few reducing inches.. few body building.. and people try so hard to stay in shape.. which is good..  and seeing them, you get motivation for yourself and all charged up for the next morning.

You guys too heard all this from your trainers? Do share.. 

Happy Exercising


Thanks for dropping by :)

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