Saturday, 19 July 2014


Meeting genres of people is something I really love. It’s always good to explore and get explored :P. (There are so many stuff that we don’t know about ourselves only and get to know when others tell us about them :P).  You get to learn about others, get familiar with stuff which, was once alien to you, their experiences, their life, their dirty lil secrets :P, their learning’s, etc etc. And it’s fun too. And who knows that a person who seem such so foreign might become so dear to you or may be your best friend!

Well, I love to meet new people. Being an extrovert, I've never had problems in making friends. Rather, it’s the best thing that I have in my life. Friendship is one relation on earth, I feel, God has blessed me with. Well.. Touch-wood for that! Knowing so many people around and seeing how they are like, what’s their psychology is and how it works, makes it interesting and numb too at times. 
There’s this quote that I follow:

“There’s time for everything. Until and unless you want to give it to anything or everything”

Lol.. yah.. that’s my quote… tried and tested.. it works 100%!

Humans and their feelings act weird (most of the times)! Sometimes when we meet people, we never imagine in our wildest of dreams that we’ll be friends with each other.. Reality turns out, we tend  to be the bestest of friends. On the other hand, folks with whom you spend years of friendship and believe that its gonna be the same for lifetime makes you realize.. No Bitch.. Good Morning.. Come out from your dreams! They are the ones who fail to be there.. to make time for you!!
 Well, that’s how life works!

I know I’ve been a lil slow on my blog lately. Was real occupied exploring other stuff and lots and lots of reading. Came across some super awesome blogs. There are the kinds which make you lose your mind and thoughts.. then are the kinds which are ready to teach you the ABCD of fashion, food, cooking, lifestyle.. and what not.. you just have to name it! There are blogs which are totally against hypocrisy, narrow mindedness, double standards and stuff like that.. while the sad part is they themselves are part of it. Recently, I came across a blog which was very nice.. she writes extremely inspiring stuff.. her blog makes you feel.. Thank God..there are people who think like you.  But what I don’t get is, if you so are much against it and hate it to that extent then why you yourself become a part of it?! and why do you have to boast about your writing every time?? Your writing is good that’s why people come to your blog and follow you (obviously)! They praise you..  leave comments.. isn’t that enough for you to understand about your writing? And then you deliberately leave your email ids, just to flaunt that you’re approachable and people can write anything to and you reply to all your mails.. but in reality you don’t.. It’s just a façade that you create. Sometimes I feel.. what is the point of creating all of it. But then.. in the end, who cares?!

It’s all a mixed bag..  good and bad. It’s always important to surround yourself with optimistic people. They always give positive vibes and help you realize the importance of half glass full. And when you actually start practicing positivity, you’ll automatically see half of your problems vanishing away.. ALREADY!

Well, weather is really nice these and days are lazy. Well, the best part is rains.. coffee and my bunch of friends (Pheww..!! Glad, I have them :D)!

You too can share your experiences.

Happy Writing


Thanks for dropping by :)

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