Sunday, 10 August 2014

That Angel in the Clan

My sister's CA result is out.. She's finally CA VARSHIKA GUPTA.. it feels so proud to just know the fact that we're family.. not just because she's CA right now, but coz of what she really is. A superwoman in every sense (of cors when it comes to injections and dogs and exams.. no one can ever think of competing with her in crying!! :P) Yes.. that's true.. you all must be thinking then what makes her the real superwoman..?! Well yeah.. that's right.
Examples are plenty.. 

I remember the time when I use to curse God for giving me her.. literally.. :-|
There's not a single thing that exists on earth on which we've not fought.. clothes.. shoes.. movies.. drives.. parents.. arts.. school.. teachers.. friends..  video games.. cousins.. house.. Every damn thing was a competition.. wearing a particular outfit for an outing was not a thing that mattered.. but reserving the one 2 days prior was essential..! Watching the same tv channel was immetarial but having the remote in hand and the place to sit was one damn thing that was something that made sense. I recollect that day when she had come to me to get a haircut done (as we were playing parlour-parlour) and I actually gave a haircut!! It was hilarious.. for everyone in the family and I got a good beating for that (I was only 5 then.. :D).  I still remember, being the elder one how I use to dominate her in every single thing.. I literally use to lock stuff so that she couldn't touch them behind my back!!.. Yes.. it was too much. These wars in siblings is a common story.. but then every story is special.. and Oh my God..! How can I forget competitions.. they never use to be with others.. it was always between both of us even when 100 others were participating! It was difficult (for us and above everything, it was difficult for our parents).. and that's why its all memorable..

I remember, when she left the house for like 6 months (studies obviously).. it was then, something clicked between us.. and then, me going to Pune was something huge.. for both of us. It's truly said, distance does brings people closer. And then finally my wedding. I knew she would be the one who would weep the most.. she would be the one who'll have the most heavy heart.. she would be the one who will really miss my absence in every single thing.. and it turned out all true.. it was like everyone was consoling her more than me.. :P.. that's how she is.. it was like giving your organ to someone forever and staying away from it.. Forever! The golgappas, the coffee bar, our coffee dates, coming home late deliberately.. all fearless.. coz we both knew dad won't say anything coz she's with me.. and we were having the time of our life.. the momos, the fafde.. aloo chat.. just everything.. I miss everything with her.

When I moved to Pune, It was soo hard.. in the beginning.. the middle period.. and in the end too.. there was not a single day when I didn’t miss her.. there was not a single naughty thing that I did and didn't think of her.. there was not a single fun I had and didn't wish her to be there with me.. I have always been the one making use of all the resources and have fun out of it.. making the most of my time and daring to do all possible stuff in that moment that I thought would never come back.. without caring what others will think about it or think about me.. be it my parents.. my friends.. anyone.. I always did what my heart said to do in that lil delicate moment.. while she was the opposite one.. she ain't that daring.. she always gets nervous.. if my dad had asked to be back by 10, then no matter what.. she'll be back by 9.45.. while me.. If the deadline is 10.. God.. I would never be back before 11 or something.. and that's why I always had this thing in my heart to take her to all the possible places in the world.. to show her whats really the reality.. how nasty can the world get.. to just make her feel on the top of the world.. and that's why I really use to miss her in Pune..
She has truly been the sweetheart of everyone in the family.. I've never seen someone as caring as her.. never seen someone so sensitive to others needs as her.. holding herself and me in difficult times.. taking my stand.. having faith in me.. caring for a single tear that I drop and taking every possible pain to cheer me up and bringing a smile on my face.. no one ever does that.. but she cared.. she cares.. and will care.. Always..

I once.. in a general conversation, said I love personalised gifts.. but never really got one.. while I've always gifted them to my near ones.. and yeah.. that's true.. I always longed for them.. this was quite long time back.. and she made it possible.. she gave me the best gift I ever got in my life.. a personalised gift.. a handmade card.. which was huge.. and big.. and I know it took so many sleepless nights of hers to prepare the same for me (day times were utilized for my wedding shopping.. also, I use to be around.. so it wasn't a good time to prepare it.. ;)). In words, it seems small.. but when you'll actually see the card, you'll realise what am I really talking about! It is the best that she has made so far!

Pursuing CA and sticking to that decision, is not an easy thing.. you really have to make hell lot of sacrifices.. you get to realize this when you really make them yourself.. sacrificing your sleep and training your body to take naps for set of hours persistently.. forget about visiting friends or relatives, making time to see your family or finding difficult to make time to do the essentials that your body needs.. this includes eating, bathing, peeing.. everything! Saying NO for every single thing to the person you love the most.. deleting Candy crush from your phone ( kinda big deal and the way it's fever is among the mass, I feel it might get declared as the National Game of the country.. ;P) and eventually putting your phone in the cupboard to stay from every possible person or rather distractions, sleeping at 12am and setting an alarm to be up at 5, while weeping coz of the fact that you got up at 5.15 and regretting that you wasted 15 precious minutes of your life in sleeping in which you could have studied.. Yes.. that's a lot if you ask me..! The dedication, the perseverance, the sedulousness with which she did justice to herself.. and her goals, has finally paid her off.. Finally, it's all worth it right?!!

You're a strong, brave girl.. best sister, best daughter (including me of cors :P),

Best friend, and will be THE BEST in every relation coming ahead in your life.

Just always be like this. Words will always be short as we all know what an inexplicable piece you are!

Tons of love for you.

(Thanks a lot to my readers if you have read such a long post.. and sorry for making you do read this.. :))

Happy Reading


6 Discussion

  1. Why should you say sorry for making me read such a lovely post.
    I dont have a real sister..but I have a brother...and boy distance did bring us closer.

  2. That's really sweet Red!
    And that's what is the magic of distance..


  3. Loved every bit of this..heartfelt congrats to your sister for the success and all the best.
    Keep Writing !!

    1. Thank you so much Manish for your kind words and best wishes..
      Keep Reading :)


  4. Passing CA is indeed a great moment to everyone in the family... A proud moment... Having been there and done that... I can so relate and understand tis heartfelt post :)

    1. That's good to hear that you could relate.. It indeed was a great moment for the family.. lots of joy and happiness.. Thanks a lot Loco for reading this one :)



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