Saturday, 29 November 2014

I have.. When are you going to?

I reminisce a childhood memory with my cousin where we once discussed the cleanliness issues. I realize now, it was a very enlightened discussion. Makes me wonder, where does this littering all around start from? Go to a local paan shop late evening on weekends or even weekdays and witness the civilized and the affluent crowd of the city throwing of paan ka patta’s  on the road outside their car windows! Shameful act it is!Well, we have 3 types of people in our society. Type1 are those who casually litter whenever commuting, without realizing the condition of their surroundings. They throw whatever stuff they’re eating or packets that they’re carrying. This seems to be an oblivious state of mind.

Now, Type 2 are the ones, who before littering their surroundings, first check here and there and try to make sure that they’re not being watched. When, it feels safe, they drop a packet or two or may be the leftovers of the fruit or polythene full of garbage, at a clean spot, giving a chance to let others litter around. It’s a human tendency to look out for collective garbage and then throw theirs there, without realizing, that one person started it in the middle of the road inviting others to pile it up and make it a garbage point. This type portray them as being oblivious (who they're obviously not).

 The 3rd Type, are the ones who never litter. Either they keep the leftovers with themselves till they find a public dustbin or they carry a carry-bag whenever they leave their houses, just in case if they need to throw anything halfway. I know these kinds are rare but they do exist. 

This post is dedicated to the Type 3’s, to speak up their voices and join them with Reckitt Benckiser on Strepsils- #AbMontuBolega campaign and be that change. I see so many people (yes the educated and wannabe sophisticated ones) showing their concern over the cleanliness of the country and how no one cares to make an effort, while they when visiting a foreign nation will blow trumpets of cleanliness being maintained there and everyone contributing to it. While, on the other hand, at the same time, they themselves throw stuff on roadside, moments after giving a lecture on cleanliness and sanitation. Hypocrisy.. Isn’t it?
Nobody expects anyone to do wonders and devote hours of cleaning. I feel, it’s all about self discipline that should come from inside. Prime Minister Narendra Modi may give thousands of speeches or start with uncountable Swachh Bharat campaigns to clean India, but it won’t help until and unless one has that desire to bring about the transformation and Be that Change!
Potholes on roads are left all ignored for the government to come and fill it up. All of us feel it’s not our job to do, it’s somebody else’s. Be that somebody. Roads in residential areas are a mess. Not a single person in the neighbourhood would pay heed to bring the idea before the society and get it done. After all, it’s government’s job to do. Go to public toilets, temples, hospitals, banquets, small lanes, parks, and what not. Every damn thing is filled with filth and dirt. Its cliché to mention how we tarnish our monuments with names of beloveds and how the message on walls to keep the area clean, is stained with red paint and the state of cleanliness at railway stations depict a true picture to the foreigners of who come visit our country and how our Indian railway track is the world’s largest public toilet!! The Atithhi Devo Bhava by Amir Khan is a remarkable ad which makes an attempt to shake the conscious of every individual and help them realize what are they doing with the country and what image are they building of the nation.
When it comes to the hygiene of Indians, they are pretty famous round the globe. Examples are plenty. Millions of Indians don’t eat or drink anything till they have brushed their teeth. Guests take off their shoes/foot wears outside the house and then enter. A toilet paper in the bathroom is not enough. We need water after we poop! Everybody cleans their houses like crazy at the time of Diwali, and the list goes on and on and on!. Then why such a laid back attitude outside our houses? May be that’s the way we have seen our aura since childhood. It is something which is there in the system from years and it will need everyone’s contribution to change that mindset. #AbMontuBolega is a digital campaign which is encouraging people to speak their minds without any prohibition. Montu is someone who cares not only for himself but for those who are around him, for what is right! He tried to speak up earlier too before his parents, friends and colleagues but couldn't succeed and kept mum. There is Montu in everyone of us. We just need to bring him out.

The main aim of #AbMontuBolega campaign is to “Speak your heart out! Khol ke Bolo”. It provides a platform to connect and aims to build trust and help create support for citizens to speak for what they think is right, with a healthy voice and the courage to speak.
Join your hands Kyuki Bin Bole ab nahin chalega #AbMontuBolega.
I have raised my voice. Now, your turn!

This is my official entry for to #AbMontuBolega Happy Hours organized by Indiblogger campaign in association with Strepsils.
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  1. Very well said ... loved the way you highlighted the nuisance :-)


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