Saturday, 27 December 2014

Tales of Truth

I have always been a very transparent person. Its always on my face when something goes wrong. When m happy, people know it.. when m sad, when something is not going right, all my emotions are just right on my face! People who're close to me get to know all of it.. they're able to make it out in my voice.. it's annoying sometimes, but more than that, it's a blessing to have such people around.. my friends always complaint about me being too transparent with the world, and how it is not good to be this way, how it makes you vulnerable and stuff like that.. it's difficult for me to act diplomatic, yet m trying.


Giving straight answers, describing every situation at length, providing every minute detail about everything that's happened are instances of how i vivid i get. Well, on the other end, its always such a good feeling to be carefree. For people who live on lies, imagine a day where you just have to speak whatever is there in your heart! No lying, no cheating, no playing hide and seek and dirty lil games. Just being yourself. With everyone. Everywhere. Everytime. Living real lives. I don't think there's a better feeling than this! And not just this, your word of mouth, your sayings, whatever you describe or narrate will always be trusted. You will always enjoy the benefit of doubt! :P

I remember when one of my friend met a girl and liked her very much and agreed to get married. This particular thing had to be kept with myself for a while, which was obviously very difficult for a loquacious person like me, but somehow I managed it. The difficult part was to keep it from all the very close mutual friends. These people knew something fishy is happening for sure. When I got a little hint from my friend, to reveal the stuff, it was an alleviation for me. No more hiding and making stories and even if by giving crooked details, the kbc can come to a halt then this is it that I wanted then! 

I know it's such a silly stupid thing, but that's how I am. I just can't be that way. 

I remember when I was in Xth grade and first day in school after the exams got over was suppose to be the paper distribution ceremony of the half yearly examinations. Most of the class was in tears and melancholy was everywhere. Except for a few students. The irony was, the grief that was seen on every child's face was not of the poor marks but of the reaction that would come from their parents after learning their marks. Me too was one of them. And that burden in my heart was way too much then. Unable to fulfill parents expectations and letting them down, was eating me up, the guilt of it was weighing very heavy on my heart. I came home, told everything to my mom. And I told her of what was I going through. She was upset but made me calm down and helped me realise whats done is done and what I have in my hands which can be controlled. This sigh of relief was the happiest thing in the world. Next day in school, again some more papers and again the same story.. but not for me. Coz I knew what I had to do to make it right while other's were still there, upset about the same and stuck with all of it.

I know, again a silly thing.
The beautiful ad given below, is a remarkable example of how it feels like after telling the truth and have a clear conscience all over again.

This is my entry for the Happy hours campaign organized by Indiblogger and this post is dedicated to Kinley.. kitna chain hota hai na sachhai mein. 


You too must be having ample number of such examples. Do share. Would love to hear them out!

Happy reading


Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Bigger.. the Better!

I think it’s a fad these days for things which are bigger than their usual sizes. It’s kinda in the air! I mean, go to any place or use any product or make a wish for anything, it would surely be bigger than the big, larger than life! Look around yourselves and see. Kids want large playrooms, want to study in big schools, love to stay in huge magnificent houses, dream of a personal home theatre, need a big car to get dropped to schools and the list continues. Well folks, it doesn't ends here, this desire to have and own big exists with mature individuals as well, not because someone out there is selfish or anything, but this thing to possess more and more and more is innate in all of us. Whenever we go out of our houses, we want broader roads to drive, we want a spacious big mall to shop, need lager rooms to live, stay in big hotels, swim in a large pool, get out treatment in a reputed giant hospital, phones with large screens to operate, opt for sedans than compact cars, ladies need a spacious kitchen, arenas, concert grounds, stadiums, amphitheatres and the number is interminable! The bigger is any day better. Of course, other than humans’ sizes, almost everything huge is bliss.
O and yes, how can I forget about the airlines? We’re always attracted to relatively larger airports and Hell yes, the airlines of course! An airline giving you your dream space in the flight, with more than the desired no. of channels to while away your time on board, storage space beyond one’s expectations to keep stuff, providing the sumptuous food, beverages, pillows, blankets, newspapers, etc, keeping in mind the wishes people make on board, the luxury of comfortable seats, fresh air circulation, full safety, less stressful, amicable crew members and the most important of all.. no prize for guesses, the clean and spacious toilets is a gift without being asked for! All such luxury under one roof. Looks like a dream come true for frequent travellers.
The new #Lufthansa A380- the largest commercial aircraft in history, is now flying to Delhi! The decision to allow Airbus 380 is a welcome decision for the Indian aviation industry leveraging India’s aviation market (one of the five fastest-growing markets with the perspective of additional passengers per year).  Our capital is the first city in the country to welcome the airline with the launch of daily flights on the Delhi-Frankfurt route, already begun from November 8, 2014. This giant aircraft can seat 850 passengers in comfort enhanced Economy configuration, and 550-600 passengers in a three class configuration. The seats in the sophisticated Business Class and the breathtaking First class are equipped with AC power ports along with USB ports and iphone chargers, offering passengers an unprecedented level of comfort. You can check out The A380 Timelapse video here.

Being Indians, the major expectations from a whole new international airline would generally be seat comfort, crew attitude, good food, leg space, cleaner toilets, less disturbance while taking off and landing and decent entertainment and above all, cheaper flights! #Lufthansa A380 has taken care of these needs and ensures a smooth ascent and highly smooth landing with its four engines taking this 560 ton air-plane cruising an altitude of 39000 feet in less than 15 minutes, promising a peaceful quite environment. The broader seats, more space to stretch out while sleeping and relaxing, wider aisles and stairs helps enjoy some tranquil moments with oneself. Above all, it helps one stay connected, even on board, with the in-flight wifi throughout the Airbus (though paid) helps you surf web, send mails, and chat on your Smartphone or laptops.

Thus, other than bringing glamour to the Indian Aviation Industry, #Lufthansa A380 will ascent a New Era as it would allow optimal use of infrastructure, share larger growth with the best cabin in the sky, improve the efficiency and the capacity utilisation and alleviate the traffic congestion at fussy airports and finally would give India more market access in UAE, Germany and Singapore.

You never know, this may be your Love at First Flight! ;)

This is my official entry for the #Lufthansa A380- The dawn of new era powered by Indiblogger, making Bigger the better!

Happy Reading 
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