Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Fear of change!

When I pass the narrow street
Giving a thought to my dreams so discreet,
I come across a huge figure
Scaring me down, making me disappear.
But when I started gaping inside
I saw everyone happy and chirping and sharing in confide.

Made me mull over this simple fact of life,
How we get paranoid over petty things by our side
And become all repellent towards the change
Trying every move to stay in our comfort zones.

While that change wishes to welcome us with full grace and charm
Making everything better and unveiling the sham!
Why does everyone dread this metamorphose
For it has only come to take away your inner foes!

Happy Reading 


Sunday, 22 February 2015


It was a bright sunny day
where she was all playful and gay
stayed with her grandparents    
who loved her in public
while at home brought her dismay!
"Shh.. Don’t utter a word"
for you are here only to accept what is served!
Puzzled she was her entire childhood 
grew up in the midst of elders
then there was a man who she called uncle
he came and said, “I'll narrate a story to you”
Excited she was,
couldn't see the devious acts he'd planned
for which there was no one to rescue!

He played with her and her toys
and took her in his room
and told stories so rude
scared, of those horrifying stories     
she wrapped herself close to him
where he took advantage
and touched everything that he could reach in his sight!

Not realizing what was happening 
she dared to ask what is it he's doing
"Shhh.. don't utter a word", he said
and continued playing!
Blood, she found in his hands
astonished she was
wondering, what the hell was happening!
This game became a daily routine
naive she was to complain about such wicked things!
As and when time had passed
she buried those scars deep down her heart
finally, met the love of her life
and married him in full grace and charm.

Time had come
for the two souls to become one
he touched her
and loved her
and felt her heart beats going up and down
for this was the treasured moment, when he took her into his arms!

Later that night, a strange thought crossed his mind
it was an incomplete act that had been performed!
She betrayed him, for he isn’t the first man who shared her bed, he thought
when she read his mind, loud and clear
“Uncle”, was the only syllable, she could utter
swallowing the bitter truth, he interrogated her
thinking why didn’t she made noise about it to people who were near
“Shh.. don’t utter a word”, she said was the only thing that was taught to her!

Years passed,
and they learned to accept each other
where both of them made the best duo in their tribe
Yet, inside, he departed with her, after discovering the bitter truth of her disguise!

This post is written for Magpie Tales- Mag 258

Saturday, 21 February 2015


It was a surprise birthday party that Aarti had arranged for Deepak, inviting all his childhood friends, thinking it would be a change this year rather than having a usual dinner.

 Deepak, when home, seemed shocked rather than being surprised.

All his anger was out on Aarti, not because of the party, but because of her habit of over-doing things, especially on occasions.

After 15 years of their marriage, Deepak still failed to open up with his wife, no matter how much she made things comfortable according to him.

Deep down, her soul knew he would never give in, but she would never give up!

This five sentence fiction is written for Lillie McFerrin Writes- Open

Happy Reading 


Friday, 13 February 2015


Crossing the lane
I met a friend from childhood, now neighbour
and realized this world is round like a circle!

This Haiku is written for Haiku Horizons- Circle

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


It was early winters in Varanasi in November 2006, when Tweesha and Komal were coming back from their tuition classes. One of Komal’s friend had come in town for a day. He was crazy about Komal and to have that one look, he crossed miles (usually the way people behave when in love), though it was one sided. Komal asked her friend to give company to meet this guy Ravi. Tweesha was naive to all this. Being in 12th standard, the only thing that she had in her mind were board exams, colleges, results, parents’ expectations. Love was a distant word for which world is crazy and not meant for her. Not then at least. Plus, being the youngest, family had high expectations as she had great inspirations in the family; the bar raised was pretty high on performance standards.

 They went to Archies (a famous gift shop in town) to meet Ravi.

Ravi is already inside the shop. The girls enter.

Komal-“ Hii Ravi.. how are you? Been a while, we’ve met.”

Ravi- “Hi Komal. Yeah, tell me about it..!” ;)

Komal- “Oh! By the way, this is Tweesha. My best friend”

Tweesha- “Hello Ravi. Nice meeting you. Have heard loads about you.”

Ravi- “Same here. I hope in the positive sense!!” :P

After like 2 minutes,  Tweesha realizes that she might be becoming kebab mein haddi..!

Tweesha- “Hey guys, Please excuse me for a while, I’ve to make a few calls. I’ll be back in a while.”

Ravi and Komal together- “No problem at all. Take your time.”

Tweesha wonders what frequency man..!! and the three of them have laugh together  and then Tweesha leaves.

After 20 minutes. Tweesha enters the store and finds both of them chit-chatting and buying crazy stuff for each other. Weird. She thought.

Tweesha knew Ravi is a nice guy and usually hooked up with his books. He’s an aspiring engineer (Yeah, like the dream of every parent of making their son an engineer, Ravi too was trying to make that dream come true.) They exchanged numbers and Tweesha made a very sincere request to Ravi in case if Ravi needed anything, he shouldn't have second thoughts in giving her a call (regarding Komal, as she didn't have a phone then).

Till next month there was no word or conversation from Ravi. He was back in Kota, preparing for IIT-JEE, until it was Ravi’s birthday when Tweesha gave him a call. Obviously, Ravi never expected her call, and seeing her number on his phone screen made him overjoyed. He was happy and excited to get her call and wondered at the same time, why was he feeling like this. As in, he knew he loved someone crazily, and still such weird emotions were taking birth in his heart. He didn't understand a single thing going on. Or maybe, he didn't want to. It was too early to say anything. He was going with the flow and taking it as it was coming to him. It was a regular birthday wish that Tweesha made with all her heart and was trying to get into all the notorious details of how his day went by. (She knew boys are always up to something nasty and so she was making the most of this opportunity). It was a short, simple, and a very clean conversation.
After like another month, Ravi came to Varanasi. This time he came for three months, to appear for his boards and the competitive exams. Tweesha was the first one whom he called and gave this news. Tweesha too was very happy hearing all of it and was more than ready to help him out in of the stuff he needed (he being new to the town). As it was January, she too was occupied with her studies and the stress of boards was no less. Gradually, having a word with each other in the evening, had now become like a daily affair for both of them. From being strangers, they now were real good friends. 

As Ravi was staying with his roommate (to whom he barely talked), the only source of entertainment or the only source to refresh his mind was to hear all the peppy talks of Tweesha. It lightened up his mood and brightened up his day. He was addicted.. to her voice.. to her calls.. to her..  It was the only time of the day when he smiled or the only time of the day for which he waited anxiously. Though he wasn’t much of a talker, yet shared most of the mysteries that he had in his life, his anxieties, his family, his world. It was her and only her to whom he had opened up this much (yeah, none of it he shared with Komal). And this comfort level was mutual. Both of them were discovering each other. Discovering their friendship.

Staying in a flat, eating mess’s food each day made Tweesha feel real bad for Ravi. She stayed with her family, enjoyed the best of cuisines that her mother prepared. Moreover, birthday parties, anniversaries, family dinners never made Tweesha cross the fact about the ones who don’t get this kind of stuff every now and then and how lucky she was. And one fine day, she decided to prepare a dish for Ravi and give it to him at his flat. She prepared chilly paneer. And it turned out to be the best chilly paneer that she had ever prepared (she was pretty famous in her clan for her chilly paneer). Very carefully packed, she gave it to him. After having one single bite, he started praising Tweesha. It was the best chilly paneer even Ravi had ever had till date. He was totally floored by this gesture of hers. Tweesha knew how genuine Ravi was, thought it’s his habit to make others feel special and so he was endlessly making her feel good. It was contentment for Tweesha to see that smile on Ravi’s face. All her efforts were worth it. Later, in the evening, Ravi called. He expressed how blessed he felt that day. No one ever was that thoughtful for him and no one ever did that for him. He was overwhelmed with this gesture of Tweesha and had high respect for the girl. With passing months, they got more acquainted with each other.
Every evening, Tweesha filled him with motivation to study and excel in his exams and became his guru (its kinda big deal when parents send their kids to study further in some strange town and the expectations they have from their children then. The gravity of which Tweesha made him realize. His parent’s dreams, his dreams, just everything).

Ravi had a hard luck with Komal, when he proposed her and she made it clear to him that she thought of him as a good friend and nothing beyond that. She never gave any signals to him as she didn’t wanna lose a friend like him. Tweesha too was on the other hand, had a guy in her life earlier who liked her very much and proposed her long ago. But she payed no heed to his liking. A little later, when she felt a little closeness for this guy, he found someone else. Hard luck for her as well. Both Ravi and Tweesha, were keen on staying friends with each other and discussed all of it way before. With time, exams were over. The results were not what he expected and this led to great frustration in him.
He decided to give it another shot, but more sincerely this time, without any distractions, and so he decided to give away his cell phone so that there’s not a single reason left to blame for the poor results. When his parents reached their native place after settling their son in Kota and started to unpack their stuff, Ravi’s mother found his phone in her purse. She was a little shocked and bemused at the same time as to how come it’s in her purse!! Since he was staying all alone with no roommates, his mother called his friends whose contacts she had with her. When Ravi was on phone, she enquired about what it was all about. Tears started rolling out of her eyes when she found out the reason. She was proud of him. It was a mixed feeling. It was happiness to see what a great job she has done with her son in raising him and a little paranoid as to how he will manage in a strange city without phone. She decided she’ll send it back to him. In the meantime, in the absence of phone, Ravi called Tweesha only on a particular time from his friend’s number or vice versa. It was his friends who started pulling his leg and appreciated the chemistry that they both shared. The moment Tweesha called, Ravi was coincidentally with his friends that time! That’s how love is, I guess.

Due to time crunch, they exchanged their thoughts and whereabouts via emails and sometimes phone. Tweesha was getting every single clue from Ravi that he had fallen for her. And so did her. Yet, when she tried to confront, Ravi changed the topic. He feared losing her. He didn’t want to repeat his mistake and this time he couldn’t afford to lose her. He wanted her to be by side. No matter what. One thing about Tweesha was, she never believed in making the first move. As shown in Bollywood films, it’s always the guy’s thing to propose or do such stuff. While on the other hand, Tweesha was done playing the friend’s role. She couldn’t do it anymore. It was getting hard for her to play dual role. She knew it was a huge risk. Yet, she wasn’t afraid of the consequences. Or rather, she never thought of any consequences. She somehow had faith in her love. True love. Deep in her heart, she knew how deeply Ravi thought of her.

It was August 2007, when it was raining in Varanasi. She was there on her terrace, soaking herself with drops of rain, which slowed down a little. It was drizzling then. Suddenly, she gets a call from Ravi. It was the only thing that she wanted to do then. Talk to Ravi. ;)

Ravi- “Hey! What’s up?”

Tweesha- “ Hey.. Hii.. I was just thinking to call you. It’s raining here and m playing with the rains. What’s up with you?”

Ravi- “Ohh wow..!! That sounds good. I’ve just finished my class. Now heading towards my room.”

Just then, in that particular moment, it strikes Tweesha to say whatever is there is her heart.

Tweesha- “Achha listen! I wanted to say something” C’mon Tweesha, c’mon. Just say it. He loves you and you know this.

Ravi- “Yeah sure. Tell me”

Tweesha-“You sure you’re not busy right now?” Please say, you’re busy.. please.. please.. please..

Ravi- “Never for you. Tell me what it is”.

Tweesha-  You’re a brave girl Tweesha. Say it. Just have faith in him.”I Love You”.

Silence for full two minutes. It’s only the sound of the wind that Tweesha could hear. Nothing else.

Tweesha- “You there? Did you hear what I said. Say Yes.. say No.. say something at least” M blank at this moment. What is it that he’s gonna say? Why is he so quiet? Will we still be friends? Or will we stop talking to each other? Will this proposal ruin our treasured friendship? Oh God!! What did I just do! M so mad at me right now!!

Ravi-“Say it again.. ”

Tweesha- “What?!”

Ravi- “what you just said.. Say it again. And keep saying it.. Please..”

Tweesha- “I Love You. Say something Ravi. M nervous”

Ravi-“I love you too. I love you so much. You have no idea what you’ve just said and done to me.”

Tweesha- “No, you have no idea what you’ve done to me! M so glad.”

Ravi- “I love you Tweesha. And will always do”

It was a bold step for Tweesha, which showed she was strong and confident.

It was from the time when he first met Tweesha at the Archies. The eye contact that they made.. it said something.. that look on her face, the purity in those eyes, the handshake.. Ravi kept thinking about Tweesha for a week.. and then ignored given his state of heart it was then.

 It was pure love for both of them. The understanding that they had, the selflessness for each other, the passion to have each other, running miles just to see each other for mere 2 minutes, the trust, the respect for each other, the faith in each other helped them cross all the boundaries of the world and be together.. Forever.. It was a lifetime of love.. for eternity.

It’s hard these days to find true love these days and m glad I just came across one and made my readers read a beautiful story.

This is my official entry for participating in the #SoundOfLove activity at Blogadda in association with Bluestone.
M sure you guys too must have taken some bold step in your life for the sake of love like Tweesha. Do not hesitate to share.

Happy Reading


Friday, 6 February 2015

Reflections- January

From now on, I've decided to reflect on every passing month and will try my best to update my readers on every tit-bit happening around my life. Actually, it’s an inspiration from Soumya, who does this monthly activity. A wonderful human being and an even more wonderful blogger. Her style of writing is so simple yet leaves a thought in everyone’s mind about the issues she puts up. The audacity, with which she writes, encourages me to bring out the most honest posts on my blog. I'm glad to have discovered her.
New year started with a bang. I was with my family in Dubai. Just one word for the perfect evening. Ecstatic. The early week was a little hectic. Coming back, unpacking stuff, then packing again and come back here.. to Him. My niece and nephew were here, waiting for me to be home.. it was a good stay with everyone in the family. Plus I had my classes, so I was equally busy managing work and home together. It was a perfect balance, wherein I gave time to my family and everyone in the house, and did justice with my work as well.

New year has started, new goals are being set, new targets to be achieved this year. Reading books is going on, but a little slow.. have to get it on track. I've decided to take my writing seriously and not have a laid back attitude towards my writing. I've started writing for a few websites as well. It doesn't give me any monetary benefit, but it does encourage me to write better than before. Plus the response that I get from there, is encouraging enough to give it a shot! It does satiate me at the end of the day. My parents visited last month. They came here for a wedding  and so.. bonus for me.. meeting parents two times in the same month!! Happiness it is.. I prepared a few dishes for them, which luckily turned out well. Everyone liked including Him. I saw the movie Baby this month and I must say, good movie it was. Free from all kinds of melodrama, and a good investigative movie. Though I still feel, it could be made a little short, but overall it was nice. Good suspense, good investigations, good acting, no songs to list a few.

Just this for now. Will come up with more updates and more news next month. O.. there's Valentines this month. I'm sure you all must be having some plans or the other. Do share and enlighten me with your ideas.. Till then..

Happy Reading


Care to share how your month went by? Drop a word or two. 

Thursday, 5 February 2015


It was a long, dark night, when two friends Akash and Abhishek were at work.

Akash- “Tomorrow will be the best day of my life, as I’ll be promoted as the Senior VP of our company.”

Abhishek- “You totally deserve every bit of it, my friend.”

At the event next day, Akash was dumbstruck to hear his best friend’s name instead of his own!

The treacherous smile, the villainous eyes, while receiving the award gave every answer to Akash’s clamouring eyes!

This post is five sentence fiction is written for LillieMcFerrin Writes- Villainous. 

Happy Reading



It started years back
When I was hurt and lonely
No one to talk
No one to share
There were only words
Which took the form of rhyming affairs!

Freedom of Expression
Freedom to my soul
Freedom to escape
From this world full of show off's!

 Day by day these words kept growing
And started making a home in my heart
Where everyone asked about what are you upto now
My words started dancing and gave them a vow!

A path I love to walk on
A course where I can be
It’s a magical experience
To own this poetic journey!

Not a single day, that passes by
When I don’t do justice, to the voice that takes me high
Every new event, every new outcome
Makes my journey, worth the conundrum!

This prompt is written for Poetry Jam- Journey


Humans.. Hahh.. Chameleons are Better!

A chameleon seems better than humans.. yeah.. that's true.. at least you know when it's gonna change its colour.. but humans.. God.. no one can predict anything about anyone. I've seen people licking other's asses just to get attention and increase the friends in terms of just numbers.. 
I've seen people being desperate to be friends without caring for whom they're trying.. It’s just that they try so hard.. obviously you will get attention from a few losers and then.. tada.. you're BFFs now..!! Weird, I term it ! Then there are the ones who hate each other yet stay glued with each other coz of the fear of getting all alone! Well, what's the point of creating all this drama.. when you're good and genuine, you will never find any barriers making friends (if you actually want true ones *conditions apply*). 
Well, did I tell you about the one's who use to bitch like crazy about other's and found them good for no reason.. nothing at all.. neither for family nor for friendship.. neither for work nor for social gatherings.. actually become best of friends in the world (friendships these days, have become a forced affair for some). Change of colours.. faster than chameleon.. it sucks.. and makes my eyes hard to believe all of it. I mean how can someone change this quick.. don't they feel shameless.. forget about other's perspective.. it makes you feel shameless in your own eyes.. what kind of person you must be then.. what kind of principles you have.. or may be you don't have any.. and what values are you brought up with.. leaves me literally flabbergasted! 

There are few who sing the song of being your best friend. Public Declaration kinds. And just when you start to believe it all.. Husshhh.. You have all the reality in front of you. They tend to be the ones who bitch about you the most, or make fun of you the most..! what annoys me is the fact, that if you hate someone to this extent then stop being friends and part your ways. Simple. Why to create a drama and make this public declaration. Nasty world.. full of nasty people!
I literally laugh at the ones who have all the brains in this world, but fail to use while listening about others. Everyone does indulge in gossips. That’s something you can’t avoid. But forming your own opinion based on them? judging a person completely on the basis of what you've heard about them, without even meeting them once? On one end you make every possible effort to be nice and sweet and friendly and on the other end you cut off every possible contact, behave as if nothing has happened! hats off man.. to this ability of both the parties. And then you call yourself innocent.. I just have just one label for them.. SO-CALLED HUMANS!!!

Such existence makes life fun and entertaining. I wonder how does it all happen? I am not at all capable of it.. and I really Thank God for not making me one of those!

Last, but not the least.. there are people, who knows when to change their colours.. they act so poor and sad in front of the whole world.. they might shed a tear too.. just to seem pitiful and gain sympathy.. and the moment no one is around they come  out in their actual tones.. such people should be kept in museums I feel.. sometimes I wonder.. why on earth I dun have that art.. so that even I could shed a tear or two.. or just be pretentious to any extent.. people do have this gift.. specially girls.. and the worst part is.. they seem to have everything.. good, loving, faithful, caring mates around.. who actually buy everything that is faked in front of them.. and these people are so shallow.. negativity makes an indelible mark not only in their minds but are a part of their souls for all seven births.. gosshh!! 
That's too much if you ask me.. the best part with me is none of my lovely friends are like this.. otherwise we would never have been friends.. its all heights of hypocrisy.. This is one thing on earth that instantly pisses me off.. I just can't take it.. be it from anyone.. anyone means anyone!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Care to share your opinion? Please do.

Happy Reading


Wednesday, 4 February 2015


It was dull in the morning when Aarush was leaving for school. The morning assembly, the irksome periods, the chiding teachers and the fighting classmates, left Aarush to crave for home. The tution teacher, the angry mom and the busy father were always looking for reasons to scold. It was only the grandpa and his bedtime stories that Aarush consoled. For he waited for the bedtime all day long and never wanted his grandpa to turn old!

This five sentence fiction is written for Lillie McFerrinWrites- Bedtime.


Happy Reading
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