Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Fear of change!

When I pass the narrow street
Giving a thought to my dreams so discreet,
I come across a huge figure
Scaring me down, making me disappear.
But when I started gaping inside
I saw everyone happy and chirping and sharing in confide.

Made me mull over this simple fact of life,
How we get paranoid over petty things by our side
And become all repellent towards the change
Trying every move to stay in our comfort zones.

While that change wishes to welcome us with full grace and charm
Making everything better and unveiling the sham!
Why does everyone dread this metamorphose
For it has only come to take away your inner foes!

Happy Reading 


8 Discussion

  1. What an awesome take on the pic prompt! Amazingly you have described a common tendency. I loved this poem!

    1. You're a darling Ankita..!
      Thanks a ton!


  2. Wow ... I loved how you displayed the contrasting images ... you are one brilliant poet :-)

  3. Thank you so much Amrit.. not better than you :)



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