Thursday, 5 February 2015


It started years back
When I was hurt and lonely
No one to talk
No one to share
There were only words
Which took the form of rhyming affairs!

Freedom of Expression
Freedom to my soul
Freedom to escape
From this world full of show off's!

 Day by day these words kept growing
And started making a home in my heart
Where everyone asked about what are you upto now
My words started dancing and gave them a vow!

A path I love to walk on
A course where I can be
It’s a magical experience
To own this poetic journey!

Not a single day, that passes by
When I don’t do justice, to the voice that takes me high
Every new event, every new outcome
Makes my journey, worth the conundrum!

This prompt is written for Poetry Jam- Journey


14 Discussion

  1. I enjoyed very much the way you described the poetic journey. Perhaps many poets begin writing because they don't have people to talk to about certain things, but then continue to write long beyond that. I like your idea that it is a 'magical experience.'

  2. I cannot agree more Mary. It's is with most of the poets. But the idea is continue after discovering your art..!
    Thank you for your kind words.


  3. The journey of writing can take you far! It has done so for me! Thanks for posting here at Poetry Jam again!

  4. You're welcome Peggy.. the pleasure is all mine!

  5. Sometimes it is through adversity that we find our voice. Love this!

    1. Well said Carrie..
      Thanks for dropping by.. :)


  6. A poetic journey! The journey is indeed lovely and magical and will continue to be... Loved the poem! :)

  7. Writing is indeed a magical experience! You expressed it well here.

  8. Yes it is Mary.. Thanks a lot!


  9. so often it is our art that nourishes our hearts… thanks for sharing your journey.

    1. The pleasure is all mine Laura..
      thanks for dropping by.. :)


  10. creative outlet is often the road to happiness. it allows light into a soul, I think.

    1. Well thoughtMargaret.. thanks a lot.. :)



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