Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Splendid lane

Across the untamed lane
Lies the majestic colossal frame
Splendid and verdure
Fresh and green
Raw and wild
Ready to splurge it’s indigenous side!

The branches all spread out
Shedding its fruits, without any doubt
Guarding everyone lying beneath the mammoth
Through its proliferating shadow covering small moth!

A narrow passage it shows
Following a journey unexplored
Lush green forest it reveals
Where herbs are accessible for the meals!

The figs and twigs
Guide my way
Bold and chivalrous
Seem to be the new day!
Of dreams and aspirations
Obscure, yet in desperation
Calling me to discover
The beauty of its revelations!

Written for Magpie Tales- Mag 262

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Thursday, 19 March 2015

My Musings!

When I was five
I craved for toys
But when I look back
I feel I was such a naive!

When I turned ten
I yearned for friends
No wonder, why I go gaga
 Over this enigma of saga!

Fifteen, when I completed
Books were the only things that I greeted
The way it’s magic proliferated
I know it’ll savour its vantage, till the end of ages!
Time had come to hit twenty
Give my dreams a kernel of reality
Transforming myself from being fanatic
To stop being garbled and be pragmatic!

But now when I look back and ruminate
There’s one thing I’d like to narrate
You’ll possess everything that you've ever wanted
That’s the power that we humans have been granted!

Happy Reading 


Monday, 16 March 2015

The Obscure Lane

Across the new city I arrive
Full of hustle and bustle
Discovering the chatty cafes
And the lonely paths
My only friend is
The bicylce I ride!

As i move
I see a boy, ready to groove.
People leisurely walking
Enjoying the lane without mocking.
It's calm and serene
Edifice so old, tall and lean
The bricks and the red stone
The archaic still standing and not gone!
Up and above
Is the sky so high,
Clear and cloudy
Lulling down the
Birds so rowdy!

The narrow lanes
And the tapering path
Trails the way
Obscure they say, that one should refrain!
But as the road ends
And I look back
All I figure is      
How everyone spends
And set new trends
A journey one can treasure
With their best of friends!    

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Saturday, 14 March 2015

My partner in crime!

It was just a few months of my marriage and it was a usual morning. The gardener had pruned the bushes, the maids were doing their daily work, the cook was cooking the regular daal chawal. My mother in law was busy reading books on natural remedies for various ailments, suggesting ways to cure all kinds of diseases. It was her formula, or her way of helping others and everyone loved her for this. I just took a round in the kitchen and sat on the dining table, reading my daily newspaper. She was talking something.. talking to me I guess.. but I was lost.. lost in my thoughts. I wasn’t very chirpy that day. That was the time when I had just put my online page on halt page that gives info about the city’s events. I was apprehensive about work.. what to do next was a big question mark with no distant answer.. spending days doing nothing anyway blows my mind. Plus, my face was full of pimples.. every person meeting me was more concerned about face that welcomed them, which was of full of marks. You’ve not got the eyebrow done.. Oh.. your upper lip is getting noticeable..!! how on earth is it their business, I wonder?! It’s my family who has to see this face everyday, who are completely OK with it, and not them who hardly meet and show the maximum concern.
Anyway, so when my mother in law noticed that I wasn’t really present there mentally, she got a little worried and asked me about what was going on in my mind. As I was reluctant in answering her queries, she started enquiring if someone has said something to me in the house, or if I've had any tiff with her son or if something is going on with my friends (yeah, she knows my friends and the importance they have in my life!). but I had no answer to any of the stuff she was questioning about. She first tried to cheer me up with her stories.. stories of her youth.. her fights with her mother in law.. her tit-bits with her husband :P, all the house politics that every married woman encounters for the first time in the house!! All of this conversation did relive a bit, but I wasn’t really back to the Geet mode!
She got even more worried and then persuaded me to open up and talk my heart out! I was hesitant initially, obviously, but eventually I started talking. It did ease out the pain. But when she started talking, I was enthralled. It made me realize all things that happen around us. She made me realize I was no less than anyone and that I need not worry about what others think of me, coz that was not my business.. but theirs :P, she made me feel good about myself.. she appreciated my page and the posts that I used to write (Yeah, she read all the posts that I’d written!!), and made me believe that it wasn’t the end.. the path is way too long and life is full of adversities and I should not get disheartened by such events. All these incidents will surely make me learn the valuable lessons of life. Her words of encouragement were way beyond what I can pen down.
It was more than happiness. Feeling lucky was the only emotion that I was experiencing then. She is one dynamic lady I know. Strong, yet soft from inside. I truly respect her and value her and cherish the fact that she’s family. Whenever I sit with people and hear stories of their mother in laws and the way they bitch about them, I think that is the only topic on which I prefer to be quiet and love to keep it that way. Literally. Her words of wisdom, her motivational speeches always fill me up with zeal and positivity. And I have blessed to have her in my life.
My partner in crime!!  :) And my dose of  optimism. :) 

Do you have anyone this close in your in-laws house? Do lemme know.

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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Tuesday, 10 March 2015


It was just one month in the new city where I had gone,
when my best friend visited
 and asked me to show places where new stories were born.
As excited as I could be
took her to all the obscured places
where we were not meant to be!
As long as it confided within the city
Nobody bothered and pay heed to this nitty-gritty.
Together we were
no less than devils,
decided to have fun
on our rules and explore all the edges!
It was train journey in the beginning
which soon turned into an auto-ride
heavy rains, steep roads, speeding cars, murkiness all around
We welcomed the scenic beauty
with pride and by getting a little naughty!
Altamash, was the name of the locale
who drove the rick and took us to places,
 peculiar, yet sweet that stranger sound
Leading us to the places all renowned!
“Would you like to see the waterfall, madam”, he said
within a nano-second, I said, “Yes”.
Angry and upset, few words to describe my friend’s state of mind
“Why are you getting this talkative?”, were the only words, my friend could find!
Nice guy, he seemed, guided us to that secluded waterfall,
Not much of the tourists know about it,
 is what we learned while jumping off the wall!
Stunning, it was and charging me all up
Just get soaked into the falls,
Was the only thing I could think of!
After playing in water for some time,
We went to places all prime!
It was only for the locale that we had such a great time
Making all the memories, which we always rhyme!

Written for Poetry Jam- Locale

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Start your new Life!

Namita – smart, intelligent, bold, chirpy and a very cheerful girl. Dear to her family. Have an elder brother who took real good care of her. She’s totally a daddy's daughter. Very outgoing and fearless. Have tons of friends. Live.. and let live, was her mantra in life. Back in school time, when the only thing that mattered to her colleagues was friendship, it was studies and only studies which she considered her BFF. Her father always dreamt of her being a doctor. But Namita had other plans. She was more into fashion, lifestyle, food, art, paintings, socializing, music.. medical industry was just not her cup of tea. 
Post 12th, when she was required to fill in the forms for the entrance exams, her dad totally refused. But she was one adamant child. She filled in the forms and gave the exams. And obviously, she scored well and landed with one of the best fashion colleges of the country. Best day in her life, so far. She was on the top of the world. When she broke the news to her family, everyone was in the seventh heaven. Except her father. He was totally against this course and asked her not to take admission or he won’t be speaking to her anymore. Namita spent many sleepless nights and thought about it. All of it. She wanted to pursue her dreams, but didn’t want to make her father angry. She tried to convince him, or rather everyone in the house tried their best to convince him, but nothing worked. Every effort went futile. It was just before the last day of the submission of fees, where she really needed to take a tough stand. Her father or her career. She chose her career. It was all possible because of the support of her mother and her brother, that she was able to take such a bold step in her life. Going against the wish of the man who she worshipped. It was hard on her. But she didn’t let go of her dreams. 1st year of college finished, she was home for the summer break. Not a single day went by, where she didn’t try to persuade her father and make him calm down. He was stubborn. More than his daughter could ever be. He was mad at the entire family and didn’t talk much to anyone. He got use to all of it. Got use to not talking in the house. It was the end of 3rd year, when Namita was nominated for the award of the best student of the year. She topped her exams and brought other laureates as well to the college. Every staff member loved her and so did the Dean. When the college authorities gave a call to her family and had a word with her dad, it was then that he realized, what an immature thing he was doing. To himself and more importantly to his daughter. He couldn’t have been more proud. He had tears in his eyes and felt sorry. He apologised to her family and her daughter. During the function, he was the happiest person alive that day. He had missed so much about his daughter, her experiences, her friends, her college life.. he regretted all of it and promised her daughter to be by her side. Now and forever.

Namita is now a leading fashion designer and travels all over the world for her work.

There is always a lot power attached to dreams. All you need is a bit of courage to fight for your dreams. That fire inside you, the determination to achieve, and faith in you to keep it going is what makes it all a reality! There is always this fear attached when you’re about to do something without the will of your parents. But if you choose to believe in yourself, nothing can go wrong, nothing can beat you. And eventually, you’ll start loving the life you have chosen for yourself and be happy in it. For whatever happens, happens for a reason. So be bold, be fearless!

When are you starting your new life?
This is my post written for the Housing.com.

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Look Up and smile bright!

Last month was pretty hectic in terms of work. Classes, preparations, family.. shopping, packing, etc for the upcoming vacation. I was enjoying every bit of it. It was chaotic as well as full of tranquillity at the same time. On one end, I was apprehensive about how to finish daily chores and make time to meet people, and on the other end, feeling of being occupied to the core was giving me much pleasure. That’s how we humans are made I guess. When we have ample amount of time, then we  crib about not being busy enough and when we’re busy, then we curse as to why we’re so busy! Manufacturing defect I guess.. :P Just kidding ;)

My recent trip was a complete leisure and proved to be more of a learning experience.. about loads of things. My husband and I, along with family relatives planned all of it (The family is pretty cool, so no ifs and buts on anything). We went to the beaches, walked under the moonlight (not hand in hand though :P), had our first bike ride together, I too drove and made him sit behind my back.. It was amazing to give him a ride. Now one thing which was a little fishy or peculiar may be, was the way things went with us. This was our first trip which passed by without any conflict. A few tit-bits were to spice up stuff but by and large, it was a smooth trip. We were comfortable with each other, we didn't pinpoint each other on various stuff and most of the times, had the same opinion on lot of things. Well, it may sound as if it’s no big deal, but in reality, it kinda is. Before this, on every single trip we fought like animals.. or wild animals would be more appropriate. Group trips were still better. Going solo was like a nightmare.. to both of us.. earlier, the thought sounded a lil boring going all alone, but sooner we both realized it was way too adventurous in terms of pulling each other's leg, for both of us to handle, when it was all by ourselves :D

For sometimes it was the destination, or mode of commuting, or our attires or stay in hotel or explore the near market or food (well food is the least of all in the list on which we can fight :P), every single thing seemed like war a between us. We were literally poles apart, specially on trips! But this time.. this time it was different. We did not fight or commented or made any issue of any single thing. Most of the times we both were on the same side of the discussion. Touchwood. We went together to most of the places, I did not crib much, nor did I made a fuss about anything. I was taking things as they were coming to me. No questions, nothing doing. Just soaking myself into the new aura. The chilly winds, the bright sunshine, the breezy morning, all of it was filling me with positivity. Positivity for life, for us, for our togetherness, for our bond!

I feel we have grown up as an individual, especially me. Things that mattered the most earlier and made me go paranoid, didn't really bother me much. They’re still important, but now I dun make a fuss about it. I feel it’s more about accepting each other the way we are. We both have different expectations from each other, and we both are different individuals, but that doesn’t mean one is bound by the other. Both of us have complete freedom of doing whatever we want, without hurting each other’s sentiments. For example, if we’re all out for clubbing and inside the club every single couple is lost into their own world, dancing together, holding each other, moving together and what not! Well, of cors, I’d love to dance and do all of it with him, but if he’s not willing and not in the mood, then I won’t force him to. It’s his wish. But that won’t stop me to dance either all by my own. Well it's a win-win situation for both of us. He gets to enjoy the way he wants to and so do I.
It’s a very small incident to narrate, but I guess these small gestures teach a lot of big stuff about each other. Not to mention, examples are plenty.

Well, this trip is the latest incident of optimism that happened in my life. It filled me with hope, positivity, happiness, dreams, peace and above all acceptance for each other.

Life is all about looking up and moving further with the new ray of hope!

Wanna share your story of optimism? Please do.

Happy Reading


Monday, 2 March 2015

Farewell Feb.. Welcome March !

What a lovely morning it is of this fresh new month! It was just a few days back when i was pondering over how the first month of new year passed by and here I am.. drowned in the same thought.. February was indeed pretty hectic. And here is March.. the spring season.. fresh air.. pleasant weather.. perfect time to start something new.. Spring is.. happiness!
Early Feb was good news for few as results were announced of a few exams, wherein my students came out with outstanding results.. one of them even bagged the AIR-2.. Yeah..!! So proud moment for the institute and for me of cors! There was a felicitation program organized. It was my first event at the institute and it was super amazing. Now there's one thing that I'd tell you. When it is about reaching a particular place where specific time is given, m always there prior. Here, at the institute too, I reach five minutes before the scheduled time, take my class and leave.. no unnecessary whiling away time, no time pass. Just the class. I never really chit chat with anyone unnecessarily.. and so have no clue or haven't really got any feedback as to how much comfortable students are with my style of teaching. I never asked and they never told. Until the felicitation program. It was.. bliss..! Saying happiness would be an understatement.. The moment was truly exhilarating.. I never had any idea about how my class thought of me.. In class, students have to listen to what you say or teach, give respect and stuff like that.. but that day, the way students were cheering and the way the seniors were appreciating, I was more than overwhelmed! I was asked to say a few words  of encouragement and I couldn't talk much.. Imagine.. :P.. I was just speechless.. over joyed.. finding hard to believe my ears to what I was listening.. unable to accept the love my students were showering upon me! Life is all about giving.. true they say! It made every sense that day.. While coming home, I brought with myself memories.. confidence.. feel good factor about myself.. and the will to give even more than before!
It's such a learning experience to teach.
Later that week, there was a wedding which was good to attend. Catching up with people you hardly know is always refreshing.. you get to gel with new people! 
And how can I forget the talk of the town this month.. The Valentine's Day.. This year it was light and subtle.. i gave him a bunch of stuff and we had a lovely dinner together with our friends.. That day, we had rule on the table.. no use of mobile phones the entire time.. and it was great to completely keep aside your phone and get drown into the aura then.. chilling out.. having each course of your meal without worrying about a single thing.. enjoying everything around you.. the silence.. the music.. the sweet little fights.. the laughters.. getting nostalgic about things you did in your past.. those few hours I'd spent in complete tranquility! 
Well, as I had already allowed myself to loosen up a bit, time had come to get back to my routine.. and this time it got even more busy.. I was given additional classes along with the regular ones, and so it got a little handy, which is the reason why I'd become a little irregular with my writing. I just wasn't getting time for anything.. weekends were the only escape, though for them too I had other stuff lined up.. But it was a good month overall.. how it went off so quickly, I have no idea!

This month too is gonna be hectic.. Travelling would be frequent, plus there is lot of stuff coming up next month for which I'll have to schedule things this month only! It'll be very challenging, but m all up for it!

What did you do all month? Care to share?
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