Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Look Up and smile bright!

Last month was pretty hectic in terms of work. Classes, preparations, family.. shopping, packing, etc for the upcoming vacation. I was enjoying every bit of it. It was chaotic as well as full of tranquillity at the same time. On one end, I was apprehensive about how to finish daily chores and make time to meet people, and on the other end, feeling of being occupied to the core was giving me much pleasure. That’s how we humans are made I guess. When we have ample amount of time, then we  crib about not being busy enough and when we’re busy, then we curse as to why we’re so busy! Manufacturing defect I guess.. :P Just kidding ;)

My recent trip was a complete leisure and proved to be more of a learning experience.. about loads of things. My husband and I, along with family relatives planned all of it (The family is pretty cool, so no ifs and buts on anything). We went to the beaches, walked under the moonlight (not hand in hand though :P), had our first bike ride together, I too drove and made him sit behind my back.. It was amazing to give him a ride. Now one thing which was a little fishy or peculiar may be, was the way things went with us. This was our first trip which passed by without any conflict. A few tit-bits were to spice up stuff but by and large, it was a smooth trip. We were comfortable with each other, we didn't pinpoint each other on various stuff and most of the times, had the same opinion on lot of things. Well, it may sound as if it’s no big deal, but in reality, it kinda is. Before this, on every single trip we fought like animals.. or wild animals would be more appropriate. Group trips were still better. Going solo was like a nightmare.. to both of us.. earlier, the thought sounded a lil boring going all alone, but sooner we both realized it was way too adventurous in terms of pulling each other's leg, for both of us to handle, when it was all by ourselves :D

For sometimes it was the destination, or mode of commuting, or our attires or stay in hotel or explore the near market or food (well food is the least of all in the list on which we can fight :P), every single thing seemed like war a between us. We were literally poles apart, specially on trips! But this time.. this time it was different. We did not fight or commented or made any issue of any single thing. Most of the times we both were on the same side of the discussion. Touchwood. We went together to most of the places, I did not crib much, nor did I made a fuss about anything. I was taking things as they were coming to me. No questions, nothing doing. Just soaking myself into the new aura. The chilly winds, the bright sunshine, the breezy morning, all of it was filling me with positivity. Positivity for life, for us, for our togetherness, for our bond!

I feel we have grown up as an individual, especially me. Things that mattered the most earlier and made me go paranoid, didn't really bother me much. They’re still important, but now I dun make a fuss about it. I feel it’s more about accepting each other the way we are. We both have different expectations from each other, and we both are different individuals, but that doesn’t mean one is bound by the other. Both of us have complete freedom of doing whatever we want, without hurting each other’s sentiments. For example, if we’re all out for clubbing and inside the club every single couple is lost into their own world, dancing together, holding each other, moving together and what not! Well, of cors, I’d love to dance and do all of it with him, but if he’s not willing and not in the mood, then I won’t force him to. It’s his wish. But that won’t stop me to dance either all by my own. Well it's a win-win situation for both of us. He gets to enjoy the way he wants to and so do I.
It’s a very small incident to narrate, but I guess these small gestures teach a lot of big stuff about each other. Not to mention, examples are plenty.

Well, this trip is the latest incident of optimism that happened in my life. It filled me with hope, positivity, happiness, dreams, peace and above all acceptance for each other.

Life is all about looking up and moving further with the new ray of hope!

Wanna share your story of optimism? Please do.

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