Saturday, 14 March 2015

My partner in crime!

It was just a few months of my marriage and it was a usual morning. The gardener had pruned the bushes, the maids were doing their daily work, the cook was cooking the regular daal chawal. My mother in law was busy reading books on natural remedies for various ailments, suggesting ways to cure all kinds of diseases. It was her formula, or her way of helping others and everyone loved her for this. I just took a round in the kitchen and sat on the dining table, reading my daily newspaper. She was talking something.. talking to me I guess.. but I was lost.. lost in my thoughts. I wasn’t very chirpy that day. That was the time when I had just put my online page on halt page that gives info about the city’s events. I was apprehensive about work.. what to do next was a big question mark with no distant answer.. spending days doing nothing anyway blows my mind. Plus, my face was full of pimples.. every person meeting me was more concerned about face that welcomed them, which was of full of marks. You’ve not got the eyebrow done.. Oh.. your upper lip is getting noticeable..!! how on earth is it their business, I wonder?! It’s my family who has to see this face everyday, who are completely OK with it, and not them who hardly meet and show the maximum concern.
Anyway, so when my mother in law noticed that I wasn’t really present there mentally, she got a little worried and asked me about what was going on in my mind. As I was reluctant in answering her queries, she started enquiring if someone has said something to me in the house, or if I've had any tiff with her son or if something is going on with my friends (yeah, she knows my friends and the importance they have in my life!). but I had no answer to any of the stuff she was questioning about. She first tried to cheer me up with her stories.. stories of her youth.. her fights with her mother in law.. her tit-bits with her husband :P, all the house politics that every married woman encounters for the first time in the house!! All of this conversation did relive a bit, but I wasn’t really back to the Geet mode!
She got even more worried and then persuaded me to open up and talk my heart out! I was hesitant initially, obviously, but eventually I started talking. It did ease out the pain. But when she started talking, I was enthralled. It made me realize all things that happen around us. She made me realize I was no less than anyone and that I need not worry about what others think of me, coz that was not my business.. but theirs :P, she made me feel good about myself.. she appreciated my page and the posts that I used to write (Yeah, she read all the posts that I’d written!!), and made me believe that it wasn’t the end.. the path is way too long and life is full of adversities and I should not get disheartened by such events. All these incidents will surely make me learn the valuable lessons of life. Her words of encouragement were way beyond what I can pen down.
It was more than happiness. Feeling lucky was the only emotion that I was experiencing then. She is one dynamic lady I know. Strong, yet soft from inside. I truly respect her and value her and cherish the fact that she’s family. Whenever I sit with people and hear stories of their mother in laws and the way they bitch about them, I think that is the only topic on which I prefer to be quiet and love to keep it that way. Literally. Her words of wisdom, her motivational speeches always fill me up with zeal and positivity. And I have blessed to have her in my life.
My partner in crime!!  :) And my dose of  optimism. :) 

Do you have anyone this close in your in-laws house? Do lemme know.

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9 Discussion

  1. It's great when we are so close to someone ... loved it :-)

  2. Geet this is just so Awwww..beautiful way to express..i luv u baby..😘😘

    1. And your comment is just so Awwwww darling!
      Love you too..


  3. Awesomely written. True from heart ! Lovely.

    1. Yes it is Ajay.. she's really special..!



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