Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Splendid lane

Across the untamed lane
Lies the majestic colossal frame
Splendid and verdure
Fresh and green
Raw and wild
Ready to splurge it’s indigenous side!

The branches all spread out
Shedding its fruits, without any doubt
Guarding everyone lying beneath the mammoth
Through its proliferating shadow covering small moth!

A narrow passage it shows
Following a journey unexplored
Lush green forest it reveals
Where herbs are accessible for the meals!

The figs and twigs
Guide my way
Bold and chivalrous
Seem to be the new day!
Of dreams and aspirations
Obscure, yet in desperation
Calling me to discover
The beauty of its revelations!

Written for Magpie Tales- Mag 262

Happy Reading


9 Discussion

  1. So full of life , your writing !

  2. A lovely take! Mother nature has always been so giving! :)

  3. Lovely poem, especially when it leads me down an untamed lane!

  4. This is a perfect poem to start a new day with hope and optimism .... love it :-)

  5. Such a lovely and nicely written poem on mother nature. People dont understand the value of tress and forests untill the day they all will be left with regrets only. Thinking about the nature, we have some ready possession residential projects with open spaces and greenery. Do check them all.


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