Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A- Acceptance


Keeping busy in our day to day lives, most of us often overlook this simple word.. Acceptance usually means saying a Yes or committing to do something as promised or agreeing to a certain extent on a debatable topic. But when it comes to relationships, what do you think acceptance could be? A lot of you might say that you have accepted the way your life is or the way you have settled in your life.. it may or may not be the way you wanted it.. but whatever it is.. however it is, you have accepted it the way it has come to you. 

I've had a discussion about it with loads of people and most of them confuse it with giving up. Well, here's something that I can add.. There is a very thin line between accepting the way things are and giving up on them. If you say that you have accepted everything in your life, be it socially or physically or mentally, that makes a positive sense.. making internal peace with your own self is the hardest thing to attain.. making peace with the never ending rage inside you and having the faith that it's gonna be al right, with you keeping calm.. takes time albeit, but worth the patience! Result being, you are ready/prepared to take how things come to you and that is where acceptance is enlightening you. Now you'd say giving up is also the same.. making peace and not fighting for what you've always wanted and  letting them flow out of your hands.. well, here's the difference.. giving up is a negative term.. it implies losing hope for the thing you've been trying for half of your life.. trying to forget whatever happened and believing that it's not in your destiny.. shutting down that door in your heart which was longing for a ray of hope and moving on with the way things are.. 
You might be doing some thinking, aren't you? It took a lot of time for me to get what acceptance really is.. and finally living with it.. not just in terms of relationships, but with myself as well. There was a time when each and everything that happened around me or with me always made me crib.. lurk for more.. ignoring the treasures I had and running after stuff which was not in my hands.. not worthy of me as well.. lead me nowhere but brought frustration. It did gave me the strength to Accept things the way they are and make way for myself from that.

But today, whoever I am, where ever  I am, whatever am doing.. is the best.. and I'm in a pretty good place right now considering the way things were.. Plus, this is not the end.. There is always a room for improvement. And it always gets better. 
Expectations and reality.. two opposite sides of the same coin. Acceptance helps to come into reality with a smile and gives hopes to fulfil your expectations.

How do you take acceptance? Care to share?

My post for A to Z challenge! 
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14 Discussion

  1. In my day job, I'm a gym instructor. It's my job to accept members no matter what their size, shape, ability, to allow them to accept themselves. Good luck with the challenge!

    Annalisa at Wake Up, Eat, Write, Sleep

    1. Lifting one's spirit is the best thing to do..

      Thanks and all the best to you too Annalisa :)


  2. Thanks for sharing that, and all the best!

  3. Liked to read your take on acceptance, Geetika. I completely agree with what you said about acceptance bringing positivity in our life and making it possible to embrace reality with a smile. Glad to have connected with you.
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*

    1. Thank you so much Shanaya.. and I loved your take :)


  4. Very true and well written. Good Job !!! This is the first time I have read your blog from start to end and what it has done is I will be constantly reminded in the back of my mind to READ your blogs going forward. Keep it up Geetu !!!

    1. M glad I could finally make you read the entire post :)
      Thanks a lot Saket.. it really means a lot!!


  5. Hi Geetika! I accept myself, my family, and most people. Even for people and situations I don't like, it's better to accept that they are different from me, and we don't necessarily have to interact. I believe in living and letting live.

  6. Very nice post on acceptance!

  7. Acceptance opens doors to happiness, sometimes we are just too far away to see that. Things will always get better with time, thank you so much for this post Geetika!

  8. I think that I am still working on it...
    Good one!


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