Thursday, 2 April 2015

B- Beauty

One hot afternoon Rakesh, the beggar, saw his friend, youngest and closest, Neil, riding a brand new bicycle towards him. Elated and thrilled, Neil was flaunting his new possession to Rakesh. A little bewildered he seemed to be, as to how someone like Neil, who was merely a servant and barely got anything to eat, managed to get something like this, straight from the showroom to his small cottage?!

Rakesh- “How did you manage to get this beautiful bicycle? Did you steal it?”

Neil- “Damn No! My uncle got it for me! You like it?”

Rakesh- “I love it!!”

After a few minutes, Neil, observing the expressions Rakesh was having that time, says-

Neil- “I know what you’re thinking.”

Rakesh- “Uh-huh! What am I thinking exactly?”

Neil-“I think you wish you had an uncle like mine, who would think about you endlessly and love you unconditionally!”

Neil grinning

Neil- “Am I right?”

Rakesh- “I was thinking to be that uncle to my niece and nephew, whom I’ll love unconditionally!! And bring joy”

Stupefied, Neil was in tears.
That’s the Beauty of a good heart. Pure. Unadulterated. Selfless. 
My post for A to Z challenge

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16 Discussion

  1. Indeed. A beautiful heart that expects nothing in return is so rare. A very special message there :)

    1. That's what the true beauty is all about!
      Thanks for dropping by Aathira :)


  2. a solid point conveyed beautifully! :)

  3. Loved that quote by Harry Winston. Nice one, Geetika.
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*

    1. Me too loved it :)

      Thanks a lot Shantala :)


  4. Ah! I love Rakesh's attitude :) Nice one Geetika :)


  5. Ah! I love Rakesh's attitude :) Nice one Geetika :)


  6. Loved the reply :)
    Good one Geetika. Short and to the point, the way it should be for this challenge :)

  7. Having a beautiful heart is a gift of God :-)


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