Saturday, 4 April 2015

D- Drag

“Every single day.. every car drive.. every phone call.. Every outing.. every trip.. every dinner.. every journey.. simply everything is a war with you! Our relationship is being dragged.. by Life.. every moment seems like dragging”

“Pooja”, shouted Rahul, bringing her back from the reverie she was lost into!

“Yeah, tell me. Wassup?”

“Where’s my bag? Is the lunch box ready? And those files that I kept on the table last night?”

“Your bag is in your cupboard, lunch box is ready and your files are inside the drawer of the table. God knows when are going to stop shouting at me for no reason!!”


“Bye. Take care”, said Pooja.

Rahul collects his stuff and leaves without uttering a single word.

This was the mundane story, err, mundane relationship that Pooja was sharing with her husband. The couple had just completed a year of their marriage. Rahul was busy with work most of the times or maybe he made himself this busy purposely, while Pooja whiled away her time with her friends or was mostly home. Shifting to a new city, shrinked a lot of options and thus she was home most of the times.
They hardly talked, except for the important things. Most of the time they were not with each other and when, by any chance, if they got some time by themselves, then Rahul was busy doing his stuff, just to avoid her coming close to him. The sense of attachment was lacking. Why?
May be he wasn't happy.. with himself.. and so he couldn't make her happy. It was his parents wish to get him married and he did what was expected of him. Putting his own, as well as Pooja’s life on stake! After all that is how it is meant to be in our society. Study, work, get married, have children, raise them, grow old and die! But what if, one doesn’t wanna marry? He may have come the right age for marriage, but his inner self, that’s way too young for it! Or what if one doesn't wanna have children? What if one wants to explore things about himself or his life? But nothing of it happens and eventually, one gets dragged and then trapped in this web of life?!

And at the end of the day, who is paying for it? Parents and society feel one makes a very good couple. But what about things going inside the room? Staying together like roommates who are not bound by one another? Do not interfere is the sign boards outside their hearts?! Isn't this relationship a burden and every single day is like dragging from one end to the other?

Thoughtful it is, but no one gives it a single thought!

“I fear my feelings for this man with all come to an end one day and I really dread that day”, were the thoughts that haunted Pooja with each passing day!
Written for A to Z challenge

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18 Discussion

  1. Interesting issues raised in that story, well done!

  2. It would be so tough for a couple ... relaxation is important for them.

  3. I feel sad. Relationships can be beautiful. But if the drag is evident, breaking free is the only choice.

    Nice post and an imp issue raised :)

  4. But breaking free is not easy! Thanks for dropping by :)


  5. Ah... Relationships. So hard, aren't they? Though I wonder whether it's us that make them hard--or harder. Good story, though :)
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

  6. Very nice! Relationships, yes, full of complexities.

  7. Relationships are mesh of complexities and no one knows what is right (besides those typical rights and wrongs). That is perhaps because emotions are complex, there is no straight yes or no - we stay in pain or move out of elation.
    I am always smiling when I find a fellow Indian on A to Z :)
    Nicely penned (err typed)
    Do visit my blog

    Speeding Light

    1. That's the sad story in the country.. and its ubiquitous!
      Glad to hear from you!


  8. This society and pressure from parents to marry, even when one is not ready for it has spoilt the lives of so many people! You have written about it beautifully Geetika :)

    Read my D post Double Jeopardy

  9. The social pressure in India is too much, many are 'literally' dragging on their relationships which have long been dissolved virtually by them.

    The story on the challenge is too good.

    1. That's the only option they're left with Alok..!
      Thanks for dropping by :)


  10. Well that's how Indian society is. You keep on dragging certain relationships inspite of the fact that there is nothing left in them. Sad but true in many cases around us.

    1. Very well said Jyotsana.. The hard truth to digest..



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