Thursday, 9 April 2015

H- Humility

One thing that has always been my prime concern or the centre of attraction in my inner system is Humility. It always has and it will be this way. What I don’t get is how can someone who use to be so kind, and so helpful could change by just climbing a few stairs on the ladder of success? And when they're there, all high, they treat others who're beneath them like shit! It’s ridiculous I feel. Humility is one virtue which I feel one must truly have in them. Humility isn’t denying your strengths; it’s being honest about your weaknesses. M lucky people who are close to me are blessed with it. It is this inner thing inside you that makes who you truly are. It makes a person beautiful.. at least for me! 
No matter how ravishing the person is, or how much is he/she is loaded, or to what extent the person is a people pleaser, or  even if the one is blessed with extreme talent, or skill or intelligence, or how much knowledge that person holds, all of the respect and admiration that I hold goes in vain if there is absence of humility in them. All of it is futile if you are arrogant. I mean what kind of person do you become after possessing all the power in the world? All these pleasures, the materialistic possessions aren't going to be around till your last breath but what you have inside will always be there. Yes, there are people who are not so well to do in their life, but then what? Have their life finished? Is it the end? Or will they always remain like this forever? Dubious situation, isn't it? So why change your attitude according to the number of belongings one holds?! Well, according to me, it’s particularly your character that comes out when you judge person for what they have and not for who they are!
I feel no harm, no shame if I have to learn anything from a kid. Everyone possesses good qualities in them and that is what I try to see in them and learn. Whoever the person may be. It was certainly a compliment to me, to my family and to my upbringing, from my college friends when they attended my wedding. It was the first time they saw such a grand wedding (Thanks to the wedding culture in the north) and the way I was with them during college, never made them feel anything indifferent about me.  Not that m saying that I come from a filthy rich family, but that’s what they felt after being part of the wedding. And they were proud of me. So was I. Of myself. And I realized it that day. I think I have learnt this from my father. He is always so down to earth, so caring about everyone. I had read the meaning of altruism before, but it is he who made me feel the true essence of it. And that is what I am going to inculcate in my children (not sure when.. :P).

So yes, it’s all about what kind of a person you turn into after having everything in life. It is this quality that adds so much of beauty to you and your persona!

“Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real”
                                                                       - Thomas Merton

What virtue according to you hold the maximum importance in anyone? Would love to hear.

Happy Reading


3 Discussion

  1. Very good, and enjoyable to read too!

  2. Humility defines a person ... beautiful post.

  3. Humility is everything and so much more. Thanks for the reminder!


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