Tuesday, 14 April 2015

L- Liberal


I was a child, young and naive
didn't know all the complexities of life.
I got the attention, I got the love
I got the right values
And the right lessons above all.

“Why you’re shouting? You’re a girl”
“Why you’re not in the house to help your folks?”
“Why you’re playing with boys and not with needles?”
“And why you’re wearing those clothes so short?”
I heard all this and laughed out loud
Are you insane, is what came out of my mouth!

“You are studying so that you can teach your children,
And not because, you’ll be working somewhere
Don’t give me those stern looks,
Or without any doubt, you’ll be in despair!”

“Now you listen to me, once and for all,
I'm not your puppet, who will dance on your call.
I’ll do what my heart says
And dwell where my mind stays.
I’ll cease this orthodox approach
And be liberal in my own ways.
For I respect one’s views and
Accept the way it should be put to good use!
It’s not my business, if the girl next door dates other girl
I don’t care, if that guy is partying all night,
I don’t mind if it’s a live-in or an inter-caste marriage
As long as it is not destroying my surroundings!”

Its one’s free will
And the rest should chill
If you want to chip in something
Just relax and be a liberal!

Happy Reading


12 Discussion

  1. Casting stereotypes are a curse of our society. You go girl!

    1. They truly are Aathira..
      Thank you so much..


  2. Loved your thoughts :) Good that you refused to be bound by society's norms and follow your own heart :)

    Like It Happened Yesterdy

    1. What you've written means a lot to me..
      Thank you so much Swathi!


  3. Gender stereotypes really annoy me. You made a good point. I wrote a post on gender bias some weeks back. If time permits, you can check it out here
    *Do not treat your daughter like your son*

  4. loved it! pple who think girls should help around the house and as you said 'play with needles' are appalling.

  5. This is a cool post. I would recommend this for everyone, girl or boy alike. Gender biasing has seen extreme consequences. I hope people understand that deep inside we are souls, and should not be judged by our caste, creed, race, gender, color, background

  6. That's the need of the hour ... powerful write.


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