Wednesday, 15 April 2015


A word so pure, a virtue that lures.
To be prepared is all I ask
Give me ample time
And let me be sure!

Every aunt living next door
Every uncle living on the next floor
Every Tom, Dick and Harry
Wants to know the gossip in store!

Once a girl is married,
Doesn’t mean her life has stopped
Career, ambition, and time for oneself
Personal life it is called that you want it to be chopped!

If not now then when, you ask
You’ll have to suffer and visit the doc, which is a task!
This is the right time for your family to start
And all I wonder is who the hell are you, so smart?!

Why does she work, and roam here and there,
When she should only think about her near future
Now you’re married, you should have a child
Just be home and take care of your family’s stature!

Fuck off is all I say to your narrow thinking
It’s none of your business to decide my life
Go home and handle your family matters
Just give me a break or I’ll rip you apart with a knife!

I haven’t thought about it yet
The feeling comes from inside, it’s said
I’ll take a step ahead, when we would want it
Till then, you please shut up and let us live!

I’m allowed to say what I want
I’m allowed to do what I want
This is my life; I’ll handle it my way
And if there’s a problem with yours
Then back off and go away!

Happy Reading


10 Discussion

  1. It's your life, your dreams and goals. Very nice piece!

  2. We should always have the liberty to do what we want in our life. Other people don't have any business interfering in it! Good one Geetika :)

    My Soul to Steal

  3. Love that quote... SIGH... if only!!

  4. Lovely post and what a great quote! Enjoyed reading your post!

  5. Well said ... everyone has full right to live his/her in his/her own way.

    1. That's something which truly belongs to an individual!



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