Thursday, 16 April 2015


"Hey baby! Just come close to me and take me in your arms.."                    

" No.. not now. Please..!! "      

"Why not? It's almost a month now, when you've felt me and I've felt you. We've barely touched each other"        

"Get away..! I don’t feel like doing it. I'm not in the mood right now"          

"What happened? Is everything alright? Or is anything wrong?"  
"Just get away.. I don't wanna do it.. I just don’t feel that attraction to come close"

She stood up quietly and left. It is just as it was 7 days after the marriage. Remained the same after 7 months. And continues to be the same even after 7 years of togetherness. His words have made her numb.

After all, everything will be fine one day, was what she kept saying to herself and this false hope ruined her.. Forever !
To be continued..

Written for April A to Z challenge 2015

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16 Discussion

  1. I guess numbness comes in various forms. What a solemnm tale...

  2. This is somehow incomplete. We need to know his side of the story too.

    1. yeah.. that will be in another post girl..

  3. This is a scary story. For both people involved, it is a horrific situation.

  4. This is a scary story. For both people involved, it is a horrific situation.

  5. But why did he say that? Was he in an affair with someone else or does he have any physical issues?

  6. Already waiting for the next part..seems a lot going on there..

  7. Ohh ... that's sad and disturbing :-(

  8. How could she pretend that it will all be fine when nothing has changed? :O Hopping over to the next part!

    1. Lot of people pretend.. and then get adapted to it..


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