Friday, 17 April 2015

O- Old Age

There's something about old age. Something peculiar. It is a time when you know the answers to all the questions but there's nobody to ask you one. Kinda strange, right?

One thing that most people fear is old age. Loss of either of the partner badly affects the other. It disturbs the entire system, the living one has made over the years unbalanced in just one moment. And then, you're all by yourself. Everyone seems busy. Children, grandchildren, relatives, neighbours.. Everyone is engaged in their own lives. Plus, all you've done your entire life seems negligible.. there are times, when nobody bothers to even listen to you and you have given up everything that was all yours.. you're left with no hobbies to recreate.. Health is on the downside.. So yeah, it's painful.

I am no expert to comment or give tips on this. But I guess, one should never ever give up on something that one truly wants. It can be a dream, a passion or any activity which one has given up to fight the race called life. Coz this is the time, when you will need it the most. I see so many people, who rot inside their houses. Their will to move out, socialise or do anything simply dies. And the inner soul, inside creates a chaos on human mind. Being home, with no work, nobody to talk to, no job.. feels helpless, jobless and most of the times hopeless. All of this leads to depression. The thoughts inside ruins the outside.

People say, you get back to your childhood and that is how you behave, the only difference is it’s without your mother.. without your parents. When you’re a child and you throw tantrums, there are people around who pay attention to your nuisance, while during the old age, the more you crib, the more the surrounding gets irritated! So basically, it’s the attention you want to seek because of which you create so much of drama!

And yeah, there are lot of people, who have done real bad sins in their youth, but are not affected then. Well, they are the ones who suffer the most in their old age. Being lonely, having no one around, just dead soul in a living body and waiting for your days come to an end is punishable enough by nature and that is how karma works!

One wants to be needed, and that is the most killing need of all. The need to be needed.

So before getting old, live your life, do what you've always wanted to do and have valuable experiences to share with your coming generations!

All I believe in is Be good, do good. Love yourself and never give up on the fire that you have inside you.
What are your thoughts on old age? Like to throw some light? How do you think things work then? Care to share?

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  1. Life is about living and learning. We make mistakes, feel pain, love, and other emotions...and eventually grow old. And with old age, some form of wisdom is expected. I try to live a day at a time, with no regrets, with each day as a new beginning filled with opportunities. It's the only way to stay happy and have memories to look back on!

    1. Words of wisdom from you.. well said..
      have memories to look back on!


  2. How people deal with old age depends to a great extend on their familes. Too many are shunted off to retirement homes. My father is 91, lives in his own home, and has daily contact with me and with the one grandson who lives locally. We make sure that he gets out and about and that he feels valued. People cannot believe it when we tell them how old he is. I myself am 67, which is the new middle age.

    1. Yeah.. a lot of it depends upon family plus how you are when you're all by yourself.. Glad to know about your family Glenis.. Lucky..!!


  3. Well said Geetika - Old age is when you have lot of experience to share but no one to listen.
    In my opinion, age is just a number but I plan to keep following my passion and doing things I enjoy even when I grow old.
    Let's see how much the plan works!
    Great post!

    1. So I say.. Age is just a number.. there are so many young people who behave like oldies.. :P
      Your plan shall definitely work!



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