Saturday, 25 April 2015


Veil.. Intriguing word, isn't it? Lot of people wear coz it’s their religion and a part of their culture. While the rest wear in order to hide their true selves. So it’s like this phrase that says, whatever you see is not the reality, and whatever is the reality, you don’t see! That holds true for many aspects in life and people have adopted it as a way of living. For instance, if you see a girl in veil, with only her eyes disclosed, seem to be quite fascinated by many but when her full face is shown, it might not be that pretty or may be burnt.. and it may not interest you then. I mean no offence to anyone. The point I'm trying to raise is what you see is never the same to what you expect it to be!

Let’s have another example. So there’s a super wealthy business class family, who’re loaded with money and enjoy a good stature in the society. But inside the house, it’s something different. Not allowing the females to try their hands in cooking, or trying out various specialities as it will waste lot of gas, saying no to newly wedded bride for shopping as she already has a dozen of clothes, not allowing their younger generation to go out and have dinner on weekends (or may be once in a week) coz it will cost you, being after the life of the daughter in law to reduce the extra weight that she has. I ask where were your eyes when you saw her for the first time. She had that extra weight then as well.. now why annoying her with your stupid comments about her weight?

Now let’s come to another family, who is again a loaded one. Have a huge house, beautiful, neat and clean and a lot many servants to maintain it. And if by any chance one day the servants are on leave, it doesn’t really affects much. So what do you do that day? You make your daughter in law clean the house, every edge, every room, wash the terrace, etc, all alone, not just with the broom stick but making her wipe each and every floor! Allowing her to move out of the house just once in a month and not meet much people and giving her a fancy car only to have a look at its beauty! And to top it all, what you say to your friends is, “O our daughter in law is so lucky to have us, we have provided everything to her. She is very happy!” Veil.

Just one more instance. A rich family, needs a fair, educated, pretty girl for their son. To get one, they have made all the arrangements to look sophisticated and modern, keeping a full time staff so as to impress all the prospects. And luckily, you get one decent girl as well. Now few months after the wedding, sentences like, “Oh why do we need a staff?”, “we both are there to do the work right?”, “we don’t need it”, “there’s hardly any work in the house”, and then you kick out the servant and now are not willing to keep one! Veil..

Well, still not convinced? Another example. So she wants to work. And they say, it’s not a problem. You work, just see the timings that it doesn’t affects your family life, which is totally acceptable. It’s been just a week, when she’s joined the family business and now when home after work, encounters a few guests. On asking where she was and stuff like that, the humble MIL (mother-in-law) jumps in between, and says, “Oh! She.. she was at her mother’s”, or “she’s been to the salon”.. or “she went to the market nearby to get veggies”..!! Well this the story inside the house.. now let’s go to the office.. the girl reaches the office at 1 pm and at 1.30 the FIL (Father-in-law) comes and says, “Dear, do you mind going home today and take rest? I have a few friends coming over. It won’t look nice, when they’ll find out about you working here!”. Obviously, it all came as a shock to her! If you have so much of problem with her work, then why ask her in the first place? Oh yes, only to display that we’re modern and broad minded. Perfect example to use the Veil and hide your true face!

Like I said, whatever you see is not the reality and whatever is the reality, you don’t see! And everyone wants to hide themselves under this veil and portray a fake image in this sham world!
What amuses me is what is there to hide? If you are orthodox or conservative, then why hide it? Have the balls to accept the way you are, at least with your family! All I feel never make any judgements only by seeing what is shown and be rational in your life! it will sort a lot many things than you can ever imagine!

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  1. Amazingly written with practicality dabbed in. All around we are surrounded by people with veils. How I wish they were honest. That would have saved us. Because we expect them to be something and they turn out to be something else ;)

    1. Yeah.. that's what the irony is..
      Thank you for dropping by


  2. I found your post very interesting - probably because it was "lifting a veil" on something I know very little about. Really pleased I found your blog on the A to Z Challenge:) Not many letters left now, are there? Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

    1. Awww.. that's really sweet of you to say.. Thank you so much..
      Yeah.. not many letters are left..


  3. Your examples are true and apt to the context. Very well written.


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