Monday, 27 April 2015

W- Words

When heard, they sound so simple
A perfect tool for people to mingle!
When said right, they can create magic
Rejuvenating the aura, making everyone nostalgic!
Words when written, convey the strongest of message
Powerful enough to bring about a revolution yet can cause wreckage!

A few write to calm themselves down
Others find solace by reciting it to whole town!
Poems and stories, take all forms of shape
For every writer loves this escape!

There are words to soothe one’s ears
And by having them, one is ready to live for years
But, there are abrasive words as well
When said, can really make people quarrel!

They say, words and arrows should be handled with care
For once they’re out; its damage is out of repair
Pen is mightier than sword it’s said
For its words, that gives it the power to be heard!

Happy Reading


6 Discussion

  1. Lovely I would say :) A writer's first love right....they make and break things. Beautifully expressed.

    1. Thank you so much Sushree :)


  2. Too true... Words have power and influence beyond our ken. "Use with care" indeed :) Great post!
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

  3. Words and arrows should be handled with care. This poem touches the sensitive sense and veins.


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