Tuesday, 28 April 2015

X- Ray

“I love him so much!” said Tanya to her best friend, Amika, after a small rendezvous of the three.

“Yeah, he seems to be a nice guy and you two look really cute together”, said Amika.

“I have so much respect for him. At such an early age, he’s been handling all his family affairs, been a responsible son, being a student, assists his parents financially, and then God knows when does he makes time for his studies!”

“And makes time for you as well!” Amika winks.

Tanya blushes

Tanya, “He truly is a sweetheart and deserves all the happiness in the world”

Amika, ”Sure, he does”

“But there’s one thing that bothers me. You remember my neighbour, Mihir? What he did with his girlfriend? I can’t even dream of it ever”

“Shh...  Arnav is not like that. You should know this by now. He’d never do such thing with you”

“I know.. but sometimes, I get really worried. What if he did? He has all my pictures, all OUR pictures and we've exchanged almost every possible thing with each other and what if they get leaked?”

“I’m sure, it won’t. He’s not that kind of a boy. He really respects you, and admires you. His true love for you can be seen in his eyes, plus I've known him for a really long time. I know him in and out”

I've suffered enough Amika. I cannot afford to have another heart break. After two failed relationships, I do not have the strength to suffer any more”

“You won’t... And remember what I told you about those two guys?”

“Yes, I do. How do you do this? I mean, how on earth do have these X-Ray eyes, which are perfectly able to scan every bone, every nerve of people?”

“I don’t know. And it’s not for anyone but you. Coz I love you and nothing in the world is more important to me than you”

“Oh, I love you too sweetheart! And I am very lucky to have you by my side! God knows, what I would do without you!”

“You’ll do nothing, coz I’ll always be there”

“Thank you so much. I am so relieved at this moment after talking to you. You really know how to lighten my mood and cheer me up”

“You’re welcome. Now let’s go for some shopping, I have to collect a few stuff from the store”


P.S: The small conversation above is something we share with our friends quite often and all of us have our lovely girlfriends by our side, who’re no less than detectives and tell the exact thing about our endless worries and it’s just them who know what truly goes inside our head! This post is just a small example and is dedicated to all of them

Happy Reading


4 Discussion

  1. This post brought memories of my old friends and the bond we shared :) Thanks

    1. I am so glad you were able to relate..
      Thank you so much Sushree..


  2. Nice, sweet friends are always there for us.


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