Monday, 25 May 2015

Being Devilish!

“You know how I am when it comes to the stuff I own. My wallet will be in one bag and my cash will be in the other! :P My shades will be in one and lipsticks in the other and the list continues..”

“But you should take care of your stuff babe. You’re a big girl now..  mustn't say a woman”

“I know. And I don’t understand what’s with the glasses?! I keep losing them every now and then. Have lost around 5 of them recently! That’s the reason why I don’t take out my  favourite one. I fear I’ll lose those ones too coz of my carelessness. You know how much did they cost me? 18 grand!”

“You should learn to take care of your stuff. What brand are they?”

“Louis Vitton" ( and she pronounced as Loouiss Vittonn)

And there I was, eavesdropping the conversation of two women and enjoying every bit of it!

P.S- Sometimes it’s OK to welcome the devil you have inside and smirk a bit along with it..!! :P

P.S.S: I hope you get the implication I'm trying to give here.. :P ;)
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2 Discussion

  1. Hahaha I do enjoy these at times too.

    You get to listen to all sorts of conversations in an IT office :)

    1. Yeah.. they're truly enjoyable conversations..



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