Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Carve yourself Creatively


Creativity I feel is an innate quality that possess. But gone are the times when it was limited to people who were born with it. Now world has changed. Revolutionized I must say. 

Everything comes with a solution. Need to learn something? No problem. Look around yourself and you will find thousands of options waiting for you to give the solution! Feel insecure? Or have a low self- esteem? Don’t panic, just find out the right counsellor. Want to become a leader, but fear to stand and voice your words? Here’s the thing.. zillion courses are available that teach you to become a leader. 
So the same analogy applies to creativity! Few people are born with quality but that’s not the end. With a little bit of research and an insight into the subject, a bit of the chit-chat with your near and dear ones can teach you how to be creative. All you have to do is open mind and look around.

There’s this thing with me. Anything I do, has to be a bit different from what others prefer to do or different from what I have done before. The idea is not to make anyone feel low, but to present something that defines me. It gives an inner happiness, a feeling that comes when you do things for others and them smile. And the best thing is you become the reason behind that smile. This is one thing that drives me.. gives me the motivation to be creative. That is just being me and is something that I cannot without. If I'm not being creative, I'm not being me.  

I never knew I could write. I just loved to express what I had in my heart and let people know what I feel for them. it was from then, when a blogger friend of mine asked me to start my own blog (at that time, I only use to read other blogs) and I never took his advice seriously. But when he really pushed me, I thought to give it a shot. I wasn't much of a writer though and wasn't regular as well. But with time, everything fell into place and I prefer to keep it this way. 

In the meantime, when I wasn't writing, I was busy bringing out my creativity in other fields :P. Whenever it comes to birthdays or any other special occasions, all I have in my mind is to make that day the most memorable for that person. 

Creativity is all about finding joy in small gestures, finding happiness in simplest form of expressions. It is all about embracing what you have inside and let the world know about it.

In today’s era, when everyone is tech savvy, building creativity inside you is not difficult. Just look, research a bit, put in a little extra effort, see how people do things and then think of something of your own and bingo! There you are.. all wrapped in something that never existed before and gave a complete new front! 

It does take a bit of courage to be creative and experiment with your thoughts, but the results that you come up with are worth it. Plus creativity adds style!
That’s what I think creativity is. How about you? Any thoughts?

Carve yourself Creatively

Written for Write Tribe Festival of Words #4 Day 1

Happy Reading


10 Discussion

  1. This write up gave me a very fresh and different feel you know. Awesome work Geets :) Creativity...yes it can be explored, learnt, honed, dared and shared :) It does add style too. So I guess I am a stylish person ;)


    1. Thank you so much Sushree :) Yes you must truly be a stylish person :)


  2. Good you took the step and started your blog, creativity must be encouraged.
    very wise and thoughtful words. May I suggest you to make shorter paragraphs, they are easier to read. Also please add your twitter handle to your sharing buttons.:)
    Happy blogging!

    1. Your suggestion already implemented :) Thanks for that and your kind words of course!


  3. I think every person is creative in one way or the other.
    Agree with what Charlie Peacock says.

  4. Well said, Geetika, creativity requires Courage's, but its totally worth it. :)

    1. Yes it surely does Vinitha.. Thanks for dropping by :)


  5. Great post Geetika. Creativity and Courage go hand in hand. Glad you started writing..Your creativity reflects here!

    1. I am so glad you liked it Parul.. and thank you so much for your appreciation :)
      Thanks for dropping by..



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