Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Creativity & Inspiration

Let us try something new today,
That’s what my heart says to my mind, everyday!
A new path for my work
Or an adventurous trip that is ready for the lurk
A new style of keeping my stuff
Or figuring out a chapter that’s tuff!
Sleeping the other side of the bed
Coz this side has become monotonous to sleep
Or jump in the pool and learn how to swim
Coz a voice inside me says it loud and deep!

What do you fear, my inner self asks me
Bring the best out and let your heart flee
It won’t come right and then I’ll fail
The result might make me all pale!
It might not be perfect, what I want to do
The bad outcome will make me a complete screw!
Of course there are people all around, and what will they say
When they see everything in such dismay!

Do not worry about what others will think
Let the inside you come outside and all be in sync
Your creativity and your inspiration
Gives people around you, so much of motivation!
Just have the courage to be true to yourself
The rest will follow and bring pride to oneself!

Happy Reading


14 Discussion

  1. so true when we can find creative ways of doing our everyday things.. superb

  2. That was a creative one Geetika! Well said..

    1. It really means a lot when it comes from you Parul.. :)
      Thank you so much..


  3. You are right.
    The key word to all this is "Do not worry about what others will think"

    1. Yes.. it is always because of what others will think so many do not even dare to try things out..
      Thanks a lot :)


  4. Yup..the rest will follow. Awesome poetry Geets :) Loved it :)

  5. Very true Geet. It is always what others think which worries us the most.

  6. The rhythm of your poem makes me want to try something different.

    1. O that is so good to hear.. Thank you so much..


  7. This is absolutely correct ... we should be true to ourselves, and the rest will fall in place :-)


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