Wednesday, 6 May 2015

In the midst..

In midst of darkness, I find light.
In midst people, I found myself.
In the midst of smiles, I found joy.
In the midst of hypocrisy, I discovered honesty.
In the midst of discord, I found peace.
In the midst of difficulty, I found the opportunity.
In the midst of suffering, I found hope.
In the midst of adversity, I experienced a miracle.
In the midst of fear, I found my confidence.
In the midst thousand laughter, I found a zillion tears.
In the midst of searching happiness, I found the miseries around.
In the midst of this facade world, I learnt to see good in people.
In the midst of luxuries, I learnt the value of comfort.
In the quench to love people, I learnt to love myself.
In the race where everyone portrays them at best, I learnt to recognize one’s true persona
And in the midst of everything around, one thing that touched my heart
Is beyond the comfort zone, lies the glories of Life!
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