Tuesday, 26 May 2015


“She has a son of 10, yet there are so many boys out there, still crazy for her.”



“This is one thing that keeps life going :P and good that she has so much of fan following!”

“I know”

“How’s your friend Manika? How is she doing? Her husband had a few flings and a few secret trips to Bangkok.. are they both doing OK with each other?”

“Manika should be good. Didn’t have a word with her from quite a long time. She found out about his affairs and caught him red-handed as well. But what to do, where would she go?”

“Where would she go meaning? She’s OK tolerating all the illicit relationships of her husband? Great woman man.. Had I been at her place, I would surely have left him. I can’t take all this, no matter what!!”

“It’s easy to say than actually do it. And you anyways talk something which is beyond the scope and is not realistic.. all of it looks good in books and movies.. not in reality. Doing all this won’t make you modern! Her mother died when she was 6, her father died after her wedding. She has three brothers who are fighting among them for a piece of land and moreover she’s just a graduate and has a daughter to feed. Where will she go? What will she do? That’s the reason why she can’t leave her husband?”

“If she’s happy with her situation then let her be! Nobody would care. But when she’s not, then she has to find a way for herself. And it’s always about how much faith you have in yourself. Society will keep on closing the ways for women and create new obstacles. She's good with the injustice happening around her?! Plus it’s not just this; it’s how the mentality of everyone around us is. Had it been her in his place, he would have kicked her out of the house. But questions like she’s a woman right, where will she go, what will she do, how will she earn, that shackles the feet of a woman”

“Things don’t work like this in real life, the way they do in your head. So it doesn’t make sense in discussing anything with you!”

And there she was trying to fathom what wrong did she say? Where was her thoughts all high class or too advanced or too liberal to suggest anyone the right thing to do! I think that is where the irony is. Everyone wants to be dependent on men and then later when time comes, claim that their hands are tied.. that they are helpless.. that are they going to with their life! Sad, but true!

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