Friday, 15 May 2015

Vicious Circle

Woman- “You know right, you shouldn't smoke. It is taking a toll on you.. and affecting both of us”

Man-“ Oh  I’m al right. What’s wrong with me? Nothing at all..!”

Woman- “You’re coughing like hell from last 30 minutes, the moment we started this drive. I don’t think we should make it a long one, seeing your condition”

Man- “I'm good babes! Why do you have to pester about everything, when it comes to my habits?”

Woman- “Fine. Do it your way.. I won’t say a word”

Man- “God..!! These wives..!!”

Woman- “Honey..”

Man- “Yes babes..”

Woman- “Can I have an ice cream or a coke float with extra ice-cream? Please” *winks and blushes*

Man- “ But you’re not well.. You’ve just recuperated from cold and bad fever and the doc has asked you to take precautions. “

Woman- “But I want it now”

Man- “But it’s not healthy”

Woman- “Now!!”

Man- “Fine”

The man is enjoying his cigarette and the woman is enjoying her ice-cream. Both are coughing at the same time and both know that it’s not good for them.

Man- “Why don’t you throw it away.. it’s not good for you”

Woman- “Oh and why don’t you throw it away? You get what are we doing right?”

So you see.. They both are caught in a vicious circle..! In between and is none is willing to make the first move! 
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8 Discussion

  1. Ah! So clever of her to show him his mistake that way! But the circle won't end ever if no one is willing to back off first! Good one Geets :)

  2. Its typical of our everyday lives, we have habits that aren't good for us but we do them anyway!

  3. hahah! that was interesting! tit for tat! :)

    1. That's how it should be.. tit for tat..!!



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