Thursday, 21 May 2015

What colour you want?

The moment we’re born, the only thing that people are concerned about is our gender.. a boy or a girl. And then anything that comes after this is the colour of our skin.. fair, wheatish or dark, being completely oblivious towards the child’s health. Have you ever heard people asking if the child born is healthy, in the first place? Why are people so obsessed with it the moment a child is born? And why the discrimination? 
It’s not just the outsiders, it’s the mother who gets paranoid most of all. Sometimes because of her own opinions and sometimes because she’s worried about the so-called relatives.. as it is.. they’re going to comment and give a thousand natural beauty tips to improve the skin texture of the child. And thus, she becomes the prey to all the non sense that exists! Though no judgement passed for mothers!

And this thing doesn’t end in the childhood.. it continues till the child grows old, increases with age and is at its peak when one is in the youth! A child who goes to school is exposed to sun a lot many times.. morning prayers, P.T class, games in the open and at the end of an exhaustive day, when the child loses all its energy comes home.. who was blooming in the morning, is now all drawn. This is all natural to happen. But the point is, because the perpetual reminder of the dull texture is always a discussion, it affects the mind of the kid. The child learns by himself that having a dark complexion is not good.. there is a stigma attached to it and then he himself tries to avoid it all. Thus, that is what he preaches it once he becomes an adult. So it becomes a vicious circle and this cycle keeps on going.
What we adults in this can do is appreciate people, not on the basis of their colour but by the qualities they have. One might not be fair, but that doesn’t snatches away the license of being smart. Every time I see a child saying, ”Oh! I’m so dark.. I don’t look good...  so and so colour don’t look good on me”, all I do is try to make them comfortable in their own skin and make them fathom this simple fact that it’s not the colour that matters, but the kind of heart they have that matters and will ALWAYS matter. That they should strive to become good individuals than just being concerned about their appearance. That they should never ever judge anyone on how they look, but how they talk, how well mannered they behave or what good can you learn from them. That they should not judge someone on how their hair look, or the figure they have, or people they hang out with but try to be the real you and true to yourself. Coz I believe we are the pillars of the coming generation and it is we who can teach these values to our children (or the other children around) and change the way society exists and treats.

They say beauty with brains is an incredible combination. But only beauty and no brains is a horrible combination! And how about brains, with beauty being secondary.. I think that would do.. and is good enough as well.. Your thoughts?

I came across these beautiful lines below and so sharing with you guys.
What’s your take on this dear friends? Have you seen any child getting paranoid over this issue? And have you helped them out then? Your opinions and suggestions are very much appreciated.

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  1. I have seen my brother getting paranoid over this issue years ago. I have seen people comment on it but it never bothered me. I have taught him that too and now he doesn't give a damn about what others say :)

    1. Happens with so many people.. and I am glad your brother is out of it now..


  2. most pple become crazy for physical beauty and ignore the inner values. sad but true. Nice post!

    1. Yeah.. I don't get the reason why..

      Thanks.. :)



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