Monday, 1 June 2015

Dance Like Nobody's Watching!

So there’s a wedding coming up this month, and as it is a family affair (at my in-laws side!), I am expected to prepare a dance performance for one of the functions. Initially, I rebelled against it  and was very reluctant towards it. I am NOT a performer on stage kind of person, but I can dance on the floor till the music doesn't stops, enjoy every beat, every rhythm, every movement, and as cliché as it may sound but it’s simply dance like nobody’s watching with me and I can really go crazy with the dance steps and this type of dance is something that I enjoy doing once in a while.
My family and people who are close to me, know it really well. I just don’t dance on stage or do performances and this is there in me since childhood. My body is not that kinds. Period. Not that I am ashamed of it. There are things which are not meant for us. This is not for me. Simple. But here, as there were very few people on our side for the event, I gave it a thought and decided to do a small performance. *No old songs, no aunty kinds songs, no slow songs* Conditions apply :P

There is one thing that I have seen. When people learn such activities, they usually perform on stage with full grace. Yes, being graceful, elegant, and deliver a stunning performance is something which is always there on mind. But, here’s the spoiler.. with me that’s not the case. No, I don’t say there’s anything bad about it or I promote dirty dance or I do vulgar dance. I am only saying that when I am on stage or when I go to the stage,  all I ever think about is to what extent can I enjoy this in front of these many people. I just go there, hit the floor and Bang..!! I enjoy it.. get soaked into it. Do it for myself and of course I remember there are people around, so I take care of the movements that I am making :P

It is all about discovering what’s inside you and to what extent can you bring that out. There was a time, when I just didn't dance. At all. Everyone around me had to really push me to come with them to dance. Coz I use to be nervous. Nervous, that I don’t dance well, and what will people say when they see my hands and legs go in the opposite direction at the same time! Will they laugh? Of course they will laugh. And this complex kept on developing in me. But with time I realized, even if I dance in a funny manner, what is the big deal about? There are people whose dance steps are way funnier than mine. And they live in that moment and enjoy it completely. So why not me?

And now, it’s just so different. People really have to make me stop. Huge transformation I must say! And I am happy about it.

The other day, when I was learning a few dance moves from the choreographer, this thought passed by my mind. That I will make every possible effort to deliver the best (as my partner, my sis-in-law, she is one terrific dancer) and try not to perform her performance, err, our performance by dance :D and of course enjoying it on stage will be  my first priority :P
For it made me realize, why to say a No? after all it is so much creative and fun and inspiring.. from my own self!

Do you dance? Have any stage fear? How did you deal with it? Care to share? Please drop in the comments J

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14 Discussion

  1. Stage dance...err not for me. I think it all boils down to confidence. Best wishes with your performance!

    1. So is the case with me.. but I'm giving it a try.. Thanks a ton :)


  2. Dance frees our spirit, and is enjoyable at the same time. Hope you have a great time :-)

  3. Amazing post my dear <3 !

  4. I love dancing. Have been doing it since I was 4. I remember my first performance on stage was when i was 4 and I was least bothered about who was watching me. In fact i realised there was a auditorium full of audience only when i went to collect the prize. Dark auditoriums are such a bliss.

    Tina from The Sunny Side of Life

    1. Once the dance is done, it feels so good and relieved..
      You seem to be one terrific dancer..
      Keep it up


  5. A little vodka helps with the stage fear. Thats why terrible dancers dance so freely in clubs :P
    On a serious note, take it as a challenge! :)

    1. Lol.. yeah.. I'm thinking to have one before going for the performance :P


  6. So you are going to will rock I know :) Do share your experience after it's over.
    I had taken part in dancing competitions during my school days though I am not a great dancer but have always wished to be one ;)
    My first performance everyone applauded except my working parents who couldn't make it . That was the most memorable one ;) As I was so angry on them..he he :):)

    1. Of course I will Sushree.. another blog inspired by you.. Stage performance by not so great dancers like me is happiness.. it's kinda big deal..


  7. I would be the same in not wanting to stand up in front of others and dance. If only we could just dance for our own pleasure and ignore the fact that other people are watching.


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