Tuesday, 2 June 2015

I’m Weird because..

This post is inspired by Naba.. when I read her post I found it so interesting and funny and challenging at the same time. so I thought why not give it a shot and try my hands on it. It is a fun exercise as I discover myself along with you :P
Are we ready then? I am excited.. Are you?

Let’s start then

I am weird because....

I don’t like Maggie without veggies!

I have this eccentric need of getting at every possible place on time and when I’m late, I get super annoyed with myself or people around.

I hate apple and musk-melon. Just hate them to the core!

I can’t stand bad odour and bad breathe. It simply pisses me off in one single go

I can’t stand dirty toilets and its stinking smell. I’d rather wait for hours than pee at a dirty place.

I have odd cravings at odd hours. And these cravings are for a particular item from that particular place only (without being pregnant)!

I don’t like conversations where people talk about skin tone and how being fairer makes one beautiful. I simply DO NOT get this concept!

I am too transparent and it gets super annoying at times

I don’t like being lazy

I don’t like to sleep. I only do it coz my body needs to.

I DON’T like watching TV.. specially during dinner... As that's the best time for family to talk

I’m a quick shopper and I enjoy shopping by myself. My best shopping partner is my sister. And I hate it when people take hours and hours and shop just nothing.

I hate hypocrisy.

I love to dance on DJ. I love to party. And I enjoy dancing when I’m all alone

I feel the entire world out there is judging me

I hate when guests arrive at my house at odd hours

I love to spread around my books on bed and sleep amidst them

I like to cook. At times. Not on a regular basis.

I don't like people who're slow.. I get irritated with them.

I always have an open mind and I am always ready to accept the change that is required. Be it in me or otherwise

I love adventures.

I don’t get angry easily.

I want to try unusual things. I’ve always had this inclination towards something which is not normal or preferred by many.

I want to go out alone, travel the world and learn things by myself.

I can’t take it when people discriminate between men and women

My thoughts are never aligned with my family (except my sister)

I enjoy being crazy

I don’t like when people judge others or pass comments just on the basis of appearance.

I skip words sub consciously while reading

I get mum and throw every possible tantrum when I’m angry

I always spoil things when in haste.

I want to spend a night in jungle.

I love onions. I can’t eat a lot of variety of dishes if onions are not served with them

I can talk on phone for hours (have done it for 7 continuous hours!)

I love wearing my sister’s clothes more than mine: P

I don't get why girls get pestered easily with their so much loving in-laws

Off late I’ve realized, I can’t be friends with anybody I meet. I’ve developed my zone and very few people are allowed in that zone

I am really clumsy

I like being weird

I know it in my heart, no matter how old I’ll grow, I’ll stay young at heart.

I am a bad friend because..

I barely call my friends and catch up unlike before

I sometimes start my work in the middle of the conversation and end the call

I get jealous very easily and I am not very comfortable in sharing my space

I am good friend because...

I always return their calls.

I am always there when they need me

I love them to the core and can do anything in the world for them

I never hide anything from them

I’m sad because...

I don’t like it when people take me for granted. And this happens quite often

I feel there’s something that’s always missing

Whatever I do, is always less than what I have in my head

I’m not able to give curt replies to people on their faces coz I feel they’ll feel bad

I don’t get what I deserve

I can’t go easy when I know someone is mad at me

I am too emotional and too sensitive

I feel guilty that I am not doing enough for people I love

I wish I'd be assertive

I wish I’d be more close to my brother

I always want to do more and more and whatever I do is never enough for me and this makes me sad and restless at the same time!

I’m happy because... 

I have a super duper loving family (including my in-laws) and the best part is my sister.

I know how to make people feel special

I have an incredible set of my girl friends and guy friends

I’ve learnt to be friends with myself and I totally enjoy it

I am thankful to God for what he has given me

I'm excited about...

Meeting my friends this month

A short vacation if things work out properly (Fingers crossed)

Family time


P.S:- When I read Naba’s post, I wondered if I’ll be able to write anything at all about myself. And here I am.. done with the long list. It’s actually fun.
That’s the weird me. Why don’t you do this playful exercise and drop your link in the comments below?  Would love to read about you.

Happy Reading


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