Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Playing with Words

Sometimes when you get up early morning, the only thoughts you have in your mind are “It’s going to be another normal day, just like yesterday”, “Same old routine, nothing new or exciting is going to take place”, and these thoughts seem to eternize and scare you to hell! Such was my today’s morning. I didn’t feel like exercising, I didn't want to go out of my room... I wanted to lay in my bed. That’s it. But that did not happen, obviously. 

While I was getting ready, I got a call from one of my closest friend AR. Just her name, along with her photo brought a smile to me. I wondered what it must be that she’s calling at such an hour?! And I knew it in my heart as well that we both are not able to talk to each other because of our busy schedules (when she calls me, I’m busy and when I call her back, she’s busy), hence the morning call. I was getting a little late, but my heart wanted to talk to her and so I listened to it. Knowing each other’s whereabouts and getting the fact that we both are dying to talk to each other and blurt out every single event happening in our lives, by simply sensing it in each other’s voice was exhilarating! There is always so much to catch up every time we meet (even if we meet every single day!)
It will be a decade this year to our friendship and I really want to celebrate. We’re poles apart. In everything. Still there was something about us that connected us! I hate people who use to quidnunc, and she is the last person on earth who’d do that.  Everything around us was hidebound, yet we managed to break all the barriers and live our life to the full, do all the possible craziness that our heart wanted to! Before meeting her, I’d given up on friendship to be honest. It was a tatterdemalion state for me. I realized and learned a lot many things from my previous friends and AR was the one who helped and supported me in everything. Made me accept the flaws I had and helped me love them and myself!
I have always been a middling kind of performer, but she helped me deliver my best by having me believe that I could! She is one person behind shaping the person who I really am today and I am really proud about this fact. It might be a cliché to you, another common story of friendship you hear from every person around, but not me.
This post is for her. And guess what, that 5 minute call in the morning made my day. Put a smile on my day that lasted for a lot many hours than I expected. There was happiness in my heart. For something. I think the reason was her only!

Thank you so much for everything you've given me! Hope to see you soon.
I’m  sure you guys too have a friend who is close to heart? Do share about them.

Happy Reading


13 Discussion

  1. Friendship is a beautiful thing indeed. Best wishes!

  2. I wish I had a friendship like the one you describe. However, I've moved around the world too much in my life and you need to be in one place for a while to develop this type of closeness. Visiting from Write Tribe.

    1. Yeah, that's very true.. Thanks for dropping by :)


  3. A great story on friendship and you have said it in a very genuine manner. Keep it up

  4. I too treasure my friendships. Nice use of the words.

    Tina from The Sunny Side of Life

    1. Friendship is always to be treasured :)


  5. The best thing about friendship is lifting each other and learned new words today, Geetika. Love ur post and best for this amazing challenge:)


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