Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Random diaries #1

Good morning everybody.. 

So sun rises in the east.. learnt it.. read it so many times.. realized it for the first time.. Right now.. Travelling in train.. vacation time.. family time.. towards east.. and it was 6 am and the sunshine was all inside.. i felt like it was 9 in the morning!
Another update is the chit-chat going around among the elderly people. Sometimes I wonder, why are they so stubborn? Why don't they DO anything towards bringing out the change, and instead complain that there is no change around.. there is fault with the system.. government doesn't do anything.. blah.. blah.. blah.. I find it all crap! I always respect them and value their experience, but being rigid about yourself and your thoughts, is not always wise! Cleanliness for example. 

Every blogger comes into this blogosphere with this need of expressing him/herself. All of us write down what we have in our hearts and there is nothing to show off in that.. nothing to exaggerate anything in that. During the cleanliness drive, organized by Indiblogger a few months back, most of us participated in that and I'm sure, we feel it, we do it and that is why we write it! So here's the excerpt from the conversation:

Man 1: The government hasn't done much in this last one year.

Man 2: Yeah, I agree. All I'm good with is that food prices are not soaring high. Not much of the change is there in them. So I'm happy.

Man 3: You take the example of cleanliness only. People like you and me.. we still throw trash in the open.. dispose stuff on the road and there are millions like us. Nothing is going to change in this nation.

I'm stunned at the audacity this man is talking!

Man 3: But still things are changing. Cleanliness in the nation is improving. See the bright side.

Me: I don't agree with you at all uncle. I don't know about others and neither can I give guarantee on their part. But I, NEVER EVER throw anything outside except bin. But people like me are rare, that's why it is  for you to say nation is still dirty

Man 1: Nobody bothers what you do or don't. And it won't matter as well.

Me: That's what the point is that I'm trying to make here. Instead of sitting here and commenting about government, why don't you do anything towards something that bothers you. Forget about corruption, cleanliness is the least thing that you could contribute.. towards your city, your country and above all, to yourself!

Others: You need to take a chill girl. Calm down. Don’t get so hyper!

Me: Yeah, I know. I'm good. Making my point clear. Simple. 

It was on my mind so bad.. so thought to share with you guys. Have you guys had such kind of experience? Is it only me who keep hearing such stuff? Care to share?  Please do.
Till then..

Happy Reading 


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