Monday, 8 June 2015

Writing.. A Treasure!

There was a time, when I was really inactive with my blogging. Irregular with my writing as well. Making an effort to write an article once in a month was a major achievement and a sense of relief as well. I used to write so as to get out of the guilty conscious inside me, that used to push me write more and more. But whenever I sat to write anything, I hardly had anything in my mind worth sharing with my readers. Barely there was the need to write. I just opened my heart only when required. Only when I felt that I need to bring things out, as my mind is getting overloaded with stuff. And that is how writing came into picture.
There was a time, I used to promise myself for making an effort to write; and I was the one who use to give excuses to myself for not writing. Sometimes work, sometimes mood (you see writing comes from within and it wasn't coming from within or rather I wasn't letting it come :P) But off late, things have changed quite a bit. It’s kind of a big deal for me to write every single day or may be twice a week. Well, no plans to break the continuity.

I always need a push, may be a topic, may be a contest, may be a deadline to finish, which motivates me to go ahead. But now, I have to keep moving my fingers, no matter what. Bring out whatever non-sense is going in my head (regardless, if it’s worth posting or not).

But here’s the spoiler, I won’t be active on my blog this week (I will try to be as regular as possible though), as there is an occasion in the family and I am travelling. Yippee. :D

But this Word of Festival was truly an amazing experience to bring out and identify your creativity. Have the courage to let the world know what’s inside you and I am totally glad to be a part of it.
How were your experience people? Drop in your comments and let me know.

Till then, Bye.

Happy Reading


6 Discussion

  1. i have had similar hibernation phases too... where i just didnt feel like writing at all. but the recent festival of words was great specially with the flexibility of timing. i am hoping to keep it up for next two months before another bout of slumber.

    Tina from The Sunny Side of Life

    1. Yes, that mode to come on, is quiet easy, but difficult to get rid away from away. And it is bound to happen, no control over it!
      Thanks for dropping by Tina :)


  2. i enjoyed this post! I love writing too and yes, sometimes we all suffer from lag phases when the words just do not come and thoughts fail to take shape of sentences on paper. btw do u keep a journal?

    happy journey!!

    1. I'm so glad you liked it. I used to maintain one, have it now. Write in there sometimes when I feel like. How about you?


  3. Yes, that's right. Writer's block is real but it can't stop you from writing. All you need is a window to your heart and mind.
    Good luck!


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