Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Unlocking the Hearts

There is something hidden behind the doors. And she always yearned to know what’s inside. Curiously, she asked her mom.

“Mother, why is this door always locked? What’s inside? Why don’t you ever let me in and discover stuff? I know you and father secretly keep things, when I’m not around”

“So many questions in one go my child! My girl has really grownup”

“Mother! Don’t change the subject. You have to tell me, today”

And there she stood, unlocking the door, flabbergasted at the sight in front of her! It was a room full of memories, pictures, toys, games.. but none of it belonged to her. Then whose stuff was it? She had lost an elder sibling- a sister, when she was born. She never knew her, just heard name. That’s it.

It was all the stuff that her parents kept maintaining all these years, secretly keeping a gift on every birthday. Of course, this won’t bring their daughter back, but it gave them a little peace of mind.
She was in tears. She decided to unlock.. the door, the memories, their hearts, everything! And it will be like the other rooms in the house, with all the same stuff that belonged to her sister.

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Saturday, 25 July 2015

My #Cherished Moment

It was a beautiful Monday morning. The day started with it’s regular routine. But something was scheduled which was a bit different than the usual Monday! O yes.. no changes in the class. It was scheduled at its usual time with the only difference of having a felicitation program for students. The academy organizes a program to congratulate and felicitate the students who have come out flying colors, appreciating their hard work and boosting their spirit to strive for more! It is truly bliss to meet your students outside the class.

I was all in my formals, wearing a business suit. The program went well and then there was an after party organized. Wonderful opportunity for everybody to chill and enjoy the break from the monotonous routine. I was really happy for all my students for their performance! It was on that day I realized how much my students love me.. respect me.. value me.. It could all be seen in their eyes.. in their gestures.. in their words! Being someone’s inspiration is something that I have always wanted, and this need continues to be..! That day I realized, my students not only see me a teacher, but a friend, an inspiration, a true mentor, their guide for life. Its exhilarating what I felt that day, and to pen it down in words.. it's more than difficult!

All your effort, all the pain, helping by going out of the way.. everything seemed worth doing that day! And nobody can force such virtues on somebody. This is something that comes straight from heart. And it was all flowing in.. from students’ and mine!

That is something that I will truly cherish for life. It is something that gives me my identity.. my individuality.. makes me strive for more. And is one in a million reason for me to be happy about!

Life indeed is wonderful!

Below are the pictures with few of my lovely students :)
What is it that you cherish the most?

This post is written for The CherishedBlogFest, hosted by Dan Antion, Damyanti Biswas, Paul 

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Did I hear something?

Behind her she heard laughter, getting conscious if there was something inappropriate behind her back or was it the students laughing at her or was her trousers too tight that made students laugh?! She could think of all possibilities, all in one blink of an eye! For the first time she was all decked up, as there was a formal function to be followed. The moment she entered, that mere look, those astonishing eyes, said a thousand unspoken words, which echoed in her ears while writing a note on the board! While they were only trying to compliment her!
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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Kids today- One step ahead!

The three day wedding function in the house and it’s preparations had made me crazy. Relatives, functions, gifts, flowers, arrangements, and the list are endless. It gets real chaotic in the house at such occasions. And with the kids around, it gets even more out of control. In the midst of this hustle, I wasn’t getting enough time for my 5 year old niece. She’s totally a sweetheart. Very cute and smart, innocent.. i think every child is innocent. She used to spend most of her time with me. She ate with me, played with me, got ready from me, slept with me. And I loved doing everything for her. During the time of wedding functions, I was the one who used to dress her up and ready her for the evening. 

Now, let me tell you one thing, she’s extremely fond of cosmetics and loves to dress up, put some make up on her, do her hair and flaunt all the good looks she’s blessed with! It was a 3 day event- so the first two days, I applied almost everything to make her feel good. And because, first two days she had already been quite decked up, I decided to keep it simple (plus, her mother too wanted it to be simple). After doing her and myself (and mind it, by simple make up, I mean, blusher, compact, and a tinge of lip gloss.. and there she was all bright and beautiful). Now when she saw herself and myself in the mirror, first thing that came out from her was,

Maami, meri eyes kitni boring lag rhi hain!! Please mere eye-liner laga do” (Aunt, my eyes look so dull and boring! Can you put some eye liner on them?)

More than being surprised, I was kind of shocked! A 5 year old kid, identifies the difference an eye make-up does to one’s visage!

It’s not about the appearance; it’s about the keen sense of observation that kids have these days! Elders really need to take care of the words they speak. Another instance is, when my 3 year old nephew was given an assignment in his school to frame sentences by using the given words. So when his mother was teaching him stuff along with his sister, she first asked him to try making sentence on his own and later, she’ll fix it if required. The assignment was in Hindi and the word was Kathor (hard). Her daughter framed the sentence, “Meri maa, kathor roti khaati hai” (My mother eats crispy chapattis) and her son framed, “Mujhe kathor-kathor potty aati hai!!” (My potty that comes is tight and hard). When I heard this, I couldn’t stop laughing. Children are so innocent! Without realizing the true meaning, they framed sentences that were suitable for them.

So is the case with my 8 year old cousin. He is the elixir of naughtiness! His witty questions and answers leave his parents astonished most of the times! So it was his parents who were looking for a new house and liked one after a really long time. They brought their kids along to confirm their decision. It was a beautiful house, with garden, pool, huge space for kids. The response that they got from their 8 year old was,
“Mummy-Papa, main yahin rahunga apni wife ke sath. Sunday to Sunday main aap logon se milne aaya karunga purane ghar mein aur baki 5 days office jaya karunga” (Mom-dad, I’ll stay here with my wife and I’ll visit you guys on Sundays in the old house coz rest 5 days I’ll have office). I know it sounds hilarious!

Well, kids today are really smart, versatile, tech-gizmos, and have a keen eye on things which are hideous from them. I remember the times, when everyone around us used to call us the #Aajkal ke bachhe and now we are the ones calling it tp future generations! They’re obviously smarter than us and that is how it is meant to be!
The key is to adapt ourselves with this changing environment around us keep ourselves updated so as to become a part of their lives!

This article is written for

“This blogger contest is supported by Kid Social Shell, a unique digital parenting platform with 11 gaming-learning apps. Use it play 3D nursery rhymes, counting number games, shapes games, fun math worksheets, coloring games and more!”

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Friday, 17 July 2015

Woman in Black

Walking alone on the road
I’ve learnt not to take any load
For this path will always be deserted
And this route ready to be diverted
All I have along with me,
Is the shadow that follows,
With every step I take,
Comes the rejection of the world that I sallow!

I need to show the world
The power of my dreams
And carve my destiny
Calming down the fury of my heart’s scream!
The distance ahead is going to be viscous and callous
For which I have to be strong and fight with the malice!

I can see the ray of hope at the end of the road,
Just like life, sometimes fast, sometimes slowed
Attachments, distractions and expectations
Are parts of this marvelous voyage
For if they cease to be part of one’s experience
Then life becomes a sheer example of obsolescence!

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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Eat Fresh

Eat fresh, she told me
Then why give stale food to helper
While he cooks for us!

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Haiku is a traditional form of a Japanese poetry that consists of 3 lines, following a 5-7-5 syllable rule (first and third line 5 syllables, middle line 7 syllables). They don’t necessarily have to rhyme.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

My First Award- The Versatile Blogger Award

Hoping from one blog to another, and then another and then another.. Writing for your blog and then explore what’s going on, on blogosphere.. Seeing people winning awards, was more like a fantasy to me. But checking my inbox this time wasn’t the way it usually is. Rashmi from Whispers of Hope has been kind enough to nominate me for the Versatile Blogger award. It’s my first award and I feel incredible at the moment. I lately realized how important it is for me to write and what I want to do with it further. It is all for this blogosphere that gave wings of hope for me to fly. Writing and connecting, that is what we are here for? And that’s how life is.

Another milestone in the world of blogging.. and as we say, the best is yet to come..

This is a special moment, knowing that someone out there is reading your work and appreciating it. A big thanks and much love to you Rashmi :*

The Rules:
  • Display it on your blog
  • Thank the person who nominated you- Thank you so very much Rashmi
  • Share 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate up to 15 bloggers
So let’s start with the activity:

7 Facts about Me
  • I like to do multiple things at the same time. Try my hands on several stuff and then pick up the best. There is always.. mind it ALWAYS, a guilt in me for not doing enough for myself, for my career, for anything that’s worth doing. I keep feeling that I’m constantly missing something, when I’m relaxing or sitting idle or any other activity.. it eats me up!
  • I believe in companionship in any relationship. For two individuals to be one soul, it’s important to be best friends with each other. For only then you will be able to know the in and out of your partner.
  •  I don’t judge people easily. I never pass comments in my head when I see someone really odd. And I hate it when people comment on other’s weight, or body or hair or skin or height or appearance. For we all say we shouldn’t judge, but we all do. I think we all are wired that way, but what we can do is avoid all the crappy thoughts coming in our head
  • I have kept myself all wide awake for 72 hours non-stop. Without a single nap or power nap or whatsoever!
  • I randomly compliment random people. But I compliment only the ones, who I think deserve it and seem down to earth and the smile that I get in return from them, makes my day.
  • I am unnecessarily friendly to almost everyone I meet. I think it’s inspired by the western culture, where I see everyone smiling at each other for no good reason and I like that thing.
  • It affects me like hell, when I find out the truth that people talk behind my back. I feel, if you don’t like anyone, why sing words of praises endlessly. I wonder, how is one able to do that in the first place! And it makes me so mad, that I’m no longer able to control my emotions. I know, it’s wrong, but I think I’ll learn it eventually

Nominating these awesome bloggers for the award:
  1. CookieCrumbs
  2. AmritSinha
  3. Ankita
  4. Locomente
  5. ParmitaDubey
  6. Redhanded
  7. Saru Singhal
  8. Cestlaviebaby

 P.S.: Bloggers who I read regularly, have already been nominated, which is the reason why their names are not there :P

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Friday, 10 July 2015


In the midst of rising sun
And the shuddering grey clouds,
I see our land, till the eyes goes
So beautiful it became in these years, I never knew!

The green pastures that help us grow
The brown crop it always grow
Droplets of water from the sky
Quenching away the thirst, which was once all dry!

In these farms, where I once used to play
I found your ravishing display!
You looked so pure and fresh,
When morning light dwells upon you
Nurturing our love together
Into an eternal bond so true!

Come and take hold of me,
For I no longer wish to be alone
All I want is to be embraced, in the warmth of your love,
Just like this mist above us, shrouding our mother earth!

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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Why bother, when it won't matter?!

As she waited for her turn to get in the shower
She was completely lost, her thoughts had all the power
I don’t have a perfect body
Neither flat abs, nor sleek legs
Neither beautiful eyes, nor silky hair
Good I’ve covered them,
For it’s something not made for me

O and what’s this that I see it coming
That exquisite flesh, catching the eyes of many
Other’s ignore her, but I can’t resist seeing her
What a beautiful body she possessed
And then she made an eye contact, leaving all the rest!
It said something, and build a network of thoughts
Between hers and mine, connecting all the dots!
Glad that I’m covered, for what she think
Ugly  I look, she’ll judge in just one blink!

The sky above us is all the same
And the floor beneath our feet, will all be in flame
The hair, the eyes, and the skin
Why does it matters to all our kins
Let’s pledge to be one
Against all the odds, under the shining sun
For we all will be drowned in water
Or be burned in flames
And nothing ever will matter
But the connection our hearts shared for our better!

Linking with Magpie Tales- Mag277
                       Blogging 101 Day 4
                       NabloPoMo July 2015,Theme-Connect

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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Stay together.. Always

“We’ll be friends forever”

“Yes, we’ll always be.. Friends for life”

And they said goodbye to each other. Two best friends. Making promise in full sincerity, yet fail to be in touch with each other. What goes wrong? Yes, they did talk and tried to stay in touch for some random years, but as of now, they barely knew what was going in the other’s life!

What did time do to them? Was it any misunderstanding that peeped in? Or was it because of lack of time? it was neither of it. For the knot that was tying them both, it was breaking them apart.. breaking the connection.. the chemistry they used to share. It did made them suffer initially, but eventually, they learned to stay without each other. Such is life. Lucky are the friends who have friends with them in every passing phase of their life.

That’s the reason why we should never underestimate the power of connection that we share with our loved ones. You never know what it might do to you!
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                      Blogging 101 Day 3

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Buddy Parenting

Learning a new dish from your mother and in return take her out with you.. like a coffee date.. Sounds interesting to me. There are so many times, that because of the generation gap we have with the elders, there is so much left unsaid between. Either:

  •      Because we think they won’t be interested
  •           They won’t understand what are we talking about

Well, how about making them understand. Trust me, the feeling is overwhelming, for both. Either it’s about learning how to use gadgets or trying to understand what is really going on in child’s life; every effort is worth it, if made religiously! During the teenage years, there’s often a tiff between children and parents. Thanks to technology for sorting out stuff. For mother can find ways to deal with these years online and children can show stuff to parents on what’s really the trend these days and help their parents be aware of things going on in the current scenario.

Yes, technology does kills lot of time and make people farer from each other, not to mention it also brings them close, because of the distances they have with their families.

What do you think about that? Any thoughts?

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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Title and Tag- A Mystery

Blogging 101- Day 2

It took so much of time in deciding a proper a title for my blog along with the proper tagline to go with it. I followed the instructions given on the site, all religiously. And after writing, then erasing, then re-writing, then deleting, editing, doing some brainstorming and mind boggling, I finally landed with this title for myself, err, my blog. I hope you all like it and get a hint of me and how things work in my head, who am I as person and what is that thing that matters the most to me.

                                Boisterous Bee-  Zeal to strive, Zest to survive,
                                                             Heading high, I’m here to touch the sky
I think it’s a great way to start to discover yourself and know so much more with the help of this activity. I found it very time taking, but was worth investing every second!

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Not feeling Connected?

Blogging.. why do we do it? Mainly because we want to bring out whatever is there in our heads somewhere and give voice to our thoughts. Then, there comes a need to feel connected..with the world.. with the fellow bloggers, in terms of staying in touch with them and beyond that being able to connect with them. That is something I guess we all love. Nothing is better than letting your readers get connected with you with you write. And if you’re able to achieve that.. then TADA.. you’re probably on the right path as far as writing is concerned. It’s satiating enough only by knowing that you and your readers think alike.

It’s like the unexpected dessert in the end. But when you jot down whole heartedly, and you barely see anyone responding to it or may be finding the link towards it.. it’s a  sad feeling. One such thing did happen with me. Writing a post with all my heart and narrating an incident which I suppose, is quite common in many of our lives, yet not getting connected with your readers pricks a bit in the heart. Such is this post of mine.

Already a not so sweet memory, and then nobody around to relate with it. You see the irony?
How about you guys? Has it ever happened with you? I’m sure it must have.. I’d love to read your experience.. please drop in

Till then..

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Monday, 6 July 2015

Blogging 101: Day 1- Introduce yourself

Hello everyone. I am teacher by profession, blogger by choice. I am from India. I love my work. I enjoy interacting with the young talent our country has. It gives me great satisfaction after every class I take. Sometimes it does get handy, but it’s totally worth it. I love to interact with new people, make random conversations. I like reading and I am crazy about adventurous activities. It gives my body a severe rush of adrenaline when I hear the term. Thrilling I find it. I love my family and friends very very much and I can do anything for them. Relationships matter the most to me.. more than anything in the world.
Blogging was an alien term to me a couple of years back. I accidentally discovered a blog and started reading it and continued it for the next 72 hours! It was so fascinating. Expressing everything that you have in your mind on your personal space! The URL would be what you wanted it to be like, the pictures, the writings, those million forms of expressions.. it gave me the feeling of a star initially! I never really thought of doing it for myself, until one of my dear friends pushed me to. I was very irregular in the initial years, but now I try to update it as much as I can. I do used to maintain a journal before, but blogging is exciting! It gives you so much motivation to move ahead, do better with every new post. Plus, interacting with so many talented people, staying connected with them is like cherry on cake :)

My blog is about how I see the world.. my observations.. things that exist in our society, my feelings, my take on relationships, it’s all out there in the form of poems, fiction, short stories, haikus, etc. The idea is to get connected with the readers and share my thoughts with them.

Hoping to get connected with all the awesome bloggers on the web.
What’s your story? Feel free to drop in

Linking it with Blogging 101
                         NabloPoMo July 2015
                         #Monday Musings

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Saturday, 4 July 2015


“Look at her audacity! She has no shame left at all”

“But what is the matter, my friend? Why are you so angry with your daughter-in law? She’s a sweet girl”

“Sweet..!! My foot!! She’s eating snacks right here, in front of her father-in-law, sitting at the same level! She should have sat inside or somewhere else!”

“But you are our guests. Where will she sit if not here, with all of us?!”

“She has spoiled the environment of my house from the moment she has entered the house”

And I sighed.. all in impuissance!
Written for #100 words on Saturday

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Reflections- June

It was a month that started with the hustle bustle of load many guests in the house. So many elders, so many kids and too many people in the house to spend their vacations at the same time! Scary as it may sound, but it was total fun. When my day started and when it ended, I have no idea. Playing Ludo till 4 in the morning, having golgappa party, jhalmuri party, classes, dance practice for the wedding, market, shopping, packing for the was crazy. And fun. 
These are the times, I believe, when family bonds with everyone. a little effort and a little help from everyone does wonders. Sitting around with everyone, chilling out, relaxing with every one, sharing their experiences, recipes, naughty gossips- it all becomes a part of family reunion. And I loved every bit of it :)

Later, there was a wedding in Calcutta, about which you can read here. I made a new friend there, for lifetime. Coming back trying to settle down was my priority, but again had to go my hometown due to an emergency. All is well now. I spent a lot of time with my parents and my brother and shared a lot. This time, I did not meet any of my friends in the city.. maybe I wanted the entire time for my family, maybe I didn't care enough to call and ask if anyone was in town. I may sound a bit odd, but it was a time that totally belonged to my family. I completed all the stuff that was there on my to-do list and met a few relatives. Something very tricky happened or rather, it didn't happen, but I observed something and I found it totally tricky. Will describe in some other post.

 I was happy to be home (though my worked suffered a lot, but everything seems to be on track now). A, came to visit my parents. And his friends came the other day. We celebrated the anniversary of a dear friend. It was a blast altogether. Friends. Good times. Fun. It was perfect. I came back with new hopes and aspirations for my dreams. I discovered new bloggers and read some amazing stuff on-line.
I feel so blessed about getting into writing. It gives me immense peace and contentment.. with myself and everybody around.

How did June treat you? What did you do all month?

Thanks for dropping by

Happy Reading


Friday, 3 July 2015

Being Misunderstood.. I hate it!

So it was 2rd year in college. My best friend was having an affair with another friend of mine, who happened to be a Muslim guy. Now, a Hindu girl and a Muslim guy, you know how complicated it gets. We three were best friends with each other and I was obviously was the mediator between them in times of crisis! I’m sure you know what happens to the mediator?! If you don’t know, then keep reading it ahead.

College flings are no big deal, but getting serious affects the one who is with you. So was the case with my friend (guy). Everybody was after her, which wasn’t the issue. The issue was she too had fallen for someone else (temporarily) and it was during that temporary period everything got messed up. I was the only friend to the guy and we shared almost everything with each other. And hell no, it wasn’t a love triangle! He didn’t fall for me and I didn’t ever fall for him. *Sigh*. We were just friends. Period.

As I knew what had been going on both sides, I had to be really honest and rational with my expert advice :P. The fling with that guy with whom my friend was getting involved was getting a bit too serious. Regular phone calls and meetings with each other became a daily business.. Now, when you already have a boyfriend and that too a super possessive one, what do you do to meet the third guy? You lie, obviously! And that was what was happening.

In the midst of all this confusion, I knew my friend was playing with this Muslim guy and he was hell more than serious about her! And on one horrible day, he asked me what should he do?
What do you think I should have suggested him? (Coz he was aware of everything about the flings and all, but wasn’t ready to take a bold decision). I don’t really know, what the hell was going on in my mind then. I thought about both of them, their natural traits, their relationship and the other risks that were involved if we consider their relationship in a long term. And guess what? I said, “Leave her”!!

Well yes, I became the big bitch! It was a bit straight on my part to say that and I always regret saying it. Later that evening, we had a cat fight! It was bad. Real bad. Both of them, settled their issues, and me, being the third party, err, mediator was obviously kicked out! It sounds a bit funny right now, but it was a bad time for me. I didn’t mean to spoil things between them. I loved both of them- as  friends and as a couple. I didn’t want to break their hearts. Never ever. And knowing their families, I knew none of them had any future with each other. So at that point I became the most hated creature on the planet. We sorted it all out later and in a very mature way. But that is one incident where I realized never to get involved in such stuff.
I am sure something of this sort must have happened with you as well? Feel free to share.

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Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Power of Connection

Woman 1- “She’s so short and shy and cute and small and pretty, just like a beautiful angel”
Woman 2- “And he’s so tall and fat and giant and black! How on earth is this love marriage?!”

Woman 1- “I don’t know. They don’t even complement each other.”

Woman 2- “He’s so outgoing and cheerful and full of life, and she’s so rude and uptight and.. boring I guess”

Woman 1- “They say, love is blind.. I don’t see anything wrong with the statement when I see both of them.”

So this was the conversation going on in a house party that I had organized and the couple that they were talking about are very close to my heart. After eavesdropping a bit of the conversation, I decided to jump in between and clear certain misconceptions.

Me- “What’s up friends? Can I help?”

Woman 1- “Oh no! We’re good. Lovely arrangements you have made. I’m impressed”

Me- “You liked it? I am so glad”

Woman 2- “We loved it.”

Me-“That sounds wonderful”

Woman 1- “Ok tell us, who is that couple? That short woman with the giant man? They don’t look like so”

Me- “And what makes you say that?”

Woman 2- “I mean come on, don’t you find something weird about the couple? They just go well with each other”

Me- “Just because he is tall and she is short? Or she is white like milk and he is black? Or she is pretty and he isn’t handsome? Things are not always the same the way they appear to be! They are the loveliest and the most adorable couples we have amongst us. Looks and external beauty doesn’t builds love and but connection between them does. The bond that develops over a period of time is not based on how beautiful one looks or what hair or skin one has. It’s all about how you both click. There is love between them, they admire each other, respect each other.. I doubt, with so many guests around in the house, there will be hardly anybody like them, based on the bond one shares and not physical compatibility. I hope I’m able to clear your anxiety now?”
Woman 2- “Fair point well made. And thank you for letting us know. Truly. Coz all of us, only judge by what we see outside and become oblivious towards stuff which is beyond physical beauty.”

Me- “I am glad you took it in a healthy way :)”

Woman 1- “Of course I did”

And so the party continued, with joy, laughter and fun. I felt so glad that I could make a difference to their mindsets.

Happy Reading

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