Friday, 3 July 2015

Being Misunderstood.. I hate it!

So it was 2rd year in college. My best friend was having an affair with another friend of mine, who happened to be a Muslim guy. Now, a Hindu girl and a Muslim guy, you know how complicated it gets. We three were best friends with each other and I was obviously was the mediator between them in times of crisis! I’m sure you know what happens to the mediator?! If you don’t know, then keep reading it ahead.

College flings are no big deal, but getting serious affects the one who is with you. So was the case with my friend (guy). Everybody was after her, which wasn’t the issue. The issue was she too had fallen for someone else (temporarily) and it was during that temporary period everything got messed up. I was the only friend to the guy and we shared almost everything with each other. And hell no, it wasn’t a love triangle! He didn’t fall for me and I didn’t ever fall for him. *Sigh*. We were just friends. Period.

As I knew what had been going on both sides, I had to be really honest and rational with my expert advice :P. The fling with that guy with whom my friend was getting involved was getting a bit too serious. Regular phone calls and meetings with each other became a daily business.. Now, when you already have a boyfriend and that too a super possessive one, what do you do to meet the third guy? You lie, obviously! And that was what was happening.

In the midst of all this confusion, I knew my friend was playing with this Muslim guy and he was hell more than serious about her! And on one horrible day, he asked me what should he do?
What do you think I should have suggested him? (Coz he was aware of everything about the flings and all, but wasn’t ready to take a bold decision). I don’t really know, what the hell was going on in my mind then. I thought about both of them, their natural traits, their relationship and the other risks that were involved if we consider their relationship in a long term. And guess what? I said, “Leave her”!!

Well yes, I became the big bitch! It was a bit straight on my part to say that and I always regret saying it. Later that evening, we had a cat fight! It was bad. Real bad. Both of them, settled their issues, and me, being the third party, err, mediator was obviously kicked out! It sounds a bit funny right now, but it was a bad time for me. I didn’t mean to spoil things between them. I loved both of them- as  friends and as a couple. I didn’t want to break their hearts. Never ever. And knowing their families, I knew none of them had any future with each other. So at that point I became the most hated creature on the planet. We sorted it all out later and in a very mature way. But that is one incident where I realized never to get involved in such stuff.
I am sure something of this sort must have happened with you as well? Feel free to share.

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  1. That was such a big lesson indeed. I try as much as possible not to meddle in other people's relationship problems, because I've learned from other people. Have a nice weekend!


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