Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Buddy Parenting

Learning a new dish from your mother and in return take her out with you.. like a coffee date.. Sounds interesting to me. There are so many times, that because of the generation gap we have with the elders, there is so much left unsaid between. Either:

  •      Because we think they won’t be interested
  •           They won’t understand what are we talking about

Well, how about making them understand. Trust me, the feeling is overwhelming, for both. Either it’s about learning how to use gadgets or trying to understand what is really going on in child’s life; every effort is worth it, if made religiously! During the teenage years, there’s often a tiff between children and parents. Thanks to technology for sorting out stuff. For mother can find ways to deal with these years online and children can show stuff to parents on what’s really the trend these days and help their parents be aware of things going on in the current scenario.

Yes, technology does kills lot of time and make people farer from each other, not to mention it also brings them close, because of the distances they have with their families.

What do you think about that? Any thoughts?

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