Saturday, 18 July 2015

Kids today- One step ahead!


The three day wedding function in the house and it’s preparations had made me crazy. Relatives, functions, gifts, flowers, arrangements, and the list are endless. It gets real chaotic in the house at such occasions. And with the kids around, it gets even more out of control. In the midst of this hustle, I wasn’t getting enough time for my 5 year old niece. She’s totally a sweetheart. Very cute and smart, innocent.. i think every child is innocent. She used to spend most of her time with me. She ate with me, played with me, got ready from me, slept with me. And I loved doing everything for her. During the time of wedding functions, I was the one who used to dress her up and ready her for the evening. 

Now, let me tell you one thing, she’s extremely fond of cosmetics and loves to dress up, put some make up on her, do her hair and flaunt all the good looks she’s blessed with! It was a 3 day event- so the first two days, I applied almost everything to make her feel good. And because, first two days she had already been quite decked up, I decided to keep it simple (plus, her mother too wanted it to be simple). After doing her and myself (and mind it, by simple make up, I mean, blusher, compact, and a tinge of lip gloss.. and there she was all bright and beautiful). Now when she saw herself and myself in the mirror, first thing that came out from her was,

Maami, meri eyes kitni boring lag rhi hain!! Please mere eye-liner laga do” (Aunt, my eyes look so dull and boring! Can you put some eye liner on them?)

More than being surprised, I was kind of shocked! A 5 year old kid, identifies the difference an eye make-up does to one’s visage!

It’s not about the appearance; it’s about the keen sense of observation that kids have these days! Elders really need to take care of the words they speak. Another instance is, when my 3 year old nephew was given an assignment in his school to frame sentences by using the given words. So when his mother was teaching him stuff along with his sister, she first asked him to try making sentence on his own and later, she’ll fix it if required. The assignment was in Hindi and the word was Kathor (hard). Her daughter framed the sentence, “Meri maa, kathor roti khaati hai” (My mother eats crispy chapattis) and her son framed, “Mujhe kathor-kathor potty aati hai!!” (My potty that comes is tight and hard). When I heard this, I couldn’t stop laughing. Children are so innocent! Without realizing the true meaning, they framed sentences that were suitable for them.

So is the case with my 8 year old cousin. He is the elixir of naughtiness! His witty questions and answers leave his parents astonished most of the times! So it was his parents who were looking for a new house and liked one after a really long time. They brought their kids along to confirm their decision. It was a beautiful house, with garden, pool, huge space for kids. The response that they got from their 8 year old was,
“Mummy-Papa, main yahin rahunga apni wife ke sath. Sunday to Sunday main aap logon se milne aaya karunga purane ghar mein aur baki 5 days office jaya karunga” (Mom-dad, I’ll stay here with my wife and I’ll visit you guys on Sundays in the old house coz rest 5 days I’ll have office). I know it sounds hilarious!

Well, kids today are really smart, versatile, tech-gizmos, and have a keen eye on things which are hideous from them. I remember the times, when everyone around us used to call us the #Aajkal ke bachhe and now we are the ones calling it tp future generations! They’re obviously smarter than us and that is how it is meant to be!
The key is to adapt ourselves with this changing environment around us keep ourselves updated so as to become a part of their lives!

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8 Discussion

  1. Kids do say the funniest things sometimes. This was a delightful read and made me chuckle. Bless their hearts. Greetings!

  2. Thank you Geetika for sharing your post. Kids do say the darnest things :-)

  3. Kids these days are indeed smart.. My nieces and nephews never fail to enthrall me!

  4. Haha...hilarious!! We parents are gonna have to do some serious homework trying to find answers for these kids!

    1. I know..I'm so scared from my future kids.. :P



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