Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Power of Connection

Woman 1- “She’s so short and shy and cute and small and pretty, just like a beautiful angel”
Woman 2- “And he’s so tall and fat and giant and black! How on earth is this love marriage?!”

Woman 1- “I don’t know. They don’t even complement each other.”

Woman 2- “He’s so outgoing and cheerful and full of life, and she’s so rude and uptight and.. boring I guess”

Woman 1- “They say, love is blind.. I don’t see anything wrong with the statement when I see both of them.”

So this was the conversation going on in a house party that I had organized and the couple that they were talking about are very close to my heart. After eavesdropping a bit of the conversation, I decided to jump in between and clear certain misconceptions.

Me- “What’s up friends? Can I help?”

Woman 1- “Oh no! We’re good. Lovely arrangements you have made. I’m impressed”

Me- “You liked it? I am so glad”

Woman 2- “We loved it.”

Me-“That sounds wonderful”

Woman 1- “Ok tell us, who is that couple? That short woman with the giant man? They don’t look like so”

Me- “And what makes you say that?”

Woman 2- “I mean come on, don’t you find something weird about the couple? They just go well with each other”

Me- “Just because he is tall and she is short? Or she is white like milk and he is black? Or she is pretty and he isn’t handsome? Things are not always the same the way they appear to be! They are the loveliest and the most adorable couples we have amongst us. Looks and external beauty doesn’t builds love and but connection between them does. The bond that develops over a period of time is not based on how beautiful one looks or what hair or skin one has. It’s all about how you both click. There is love between them, they admire each other, respect each other.. I doubt, with so many guests around in the house, there will be hardly anybody like them, based on the bond one shares and not physical compatibility. I hope I’m able to clear your anxiety now?”
Woman 2- “Fair point well made. And thank you for letting us know. Truly. Coz all of us, only judge by what we see outside and become oblivious towards stuff which is beyond physical beauty.”

Me- “I am glad you took it in a healthy way :)”

Woman 1- “Of course I did”

And so the party continued, with joy, laughter and fun. I felt so glad that I could make a difference to their mindsets.

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13 Discussion

  1. Well written.. love grows with time and not with look... love it

    1. Yes it does. Time and patience does wonders :)


  2. How fun! I like those his and her (Mr and Mrs) cups too!

  3. We're all so quick to jump to conclusions based on our perceptions, aren't we?

    1. O yes we are. I think we are wired that way. All we can try is not to let any thoughts of such kinds creep in our minds..


  4. nice! most pple never go beyond outer beauty

  5. I totally's all about the connections but mostly people don't get it. It's always about what we want to see rather than what is being seen ;) Good one actually. Liked it :):)

    1. Very well said Sushree.. It's always about what we want to see..


  6. Beautifully pictured the connections... this is so true :)

  7. agreed :) facts of life...everyone knows not all realize ...


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