Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Title and Tag- A Mystery

Blogging 101- Day 2

It took so much of time in deciding a proper a title for my blog along with the proper tagline to go with it. I followed the instructions given on the site, all religiously. And after writing, then erasing, then re-writing, then deleting, editing, doing some brainstorming and mind boggling, I finally landed with this title for myself, err, my blog. I hope you all like it and get a hint of me and how things work in my head, who am I as person and what is that thing that matters the most to me.

                                Boisterous Bee-  Zeal to strive, Zest to survive,
                                                             Heading high, I’m here to touch the sky
I think it’s a great way to start to discover yourself and know so much more with the help of this activity. I found it very time taking, but was worth investing every second!

Happy Reading


3 Discussion

  1. Its a great title indeed, and got a positive vibe to it. Best wishes!

  2. Hey Soumya
    Nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. Love your blogs.*Hugs*
    Check this link


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