Friday, 17 July 2015

Woman in Black

Walking alone on the road
I’ve learnt not to take any load
For this path will always be deserted
And this route ready to be diverted
All I have along with me,
Is the shadow that follows,
With every step I take,
Comes the rejection of the world that I sallow!

I need to show the world
The power of my dreams
And carve my destiny
Calming down the fury of my heart’s scream!
The distance ahead is going to be viscous and callous
For which I have to be strong and fight with the malice!

I can see the ray of hope at the end of the road,
Just like life, sometimes fast, sometimes slowed
Attachments, distractions and expectations
Are parts of this marvelous voyage
For if they cease to be part of one’s experience
Then life becomes a sheer example of obsolescence!

Happy Reading


6 Discussion

  1. Wonderful piece, and I enjoyed reading. Nice of you to share!

  2. I like that she is strong, and resilient! Our experiences do shape us more than we know sometimes.

  3. How wonderful! I dont think that anyone else would have summarized life in these three words " Attachments, distractions and expectations"

    1. That's really kind of you to say :)
      I'm more than happy :)
      Thank you so much



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